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If you're in a relationship or marriage that feels like it's falling apart...and you feel either angry or scared so much of the time, it's becoming incredibly difficult to live with.

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What If You Could Turn Around Everything That's Blocking You From The Love And Relationship You Want...?

Starting with putting an end to a man's - or anyone else's - "unresponsiveness"...

Starting with a new, permanent feeling of being in an easy, natural, and consistent state of Feminine Energy Attraction, where you automatically "draw to you" nearly every man (every person!) around you, no matter how you're feeling about anything, including yourself, in the moment...

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Starting with an end to the constant anxiety an unresponsive man and stuck situation automatically create...

Starting with the new ability to say exactly what you mean, what you want, what you need, and how you feel in a way a man (and the world!) can hear, admire, and open up emotionally to...

The Siren Island Program Is Designed To Give You Exactly What You Need - Right Now - From The Moment You Begin:

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* Live Classes (2 each week!) with brilliant Siren School coaches.

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What Is Your 'Siren Self' - And Why Does She Get You Everything You Want?

The ancient Siren legend followed the story of Odysseus, king of Ithaca, who wanders for 10 years  trying to get home after the Trojan War...

...On his journey home, he encounters Siren Island, where powerful creatures, women with both wings to fly to the heavens and fins to dive to the depths of the sea - sing.

In the legend, the Siren's Song is not only captivating -  it's ensnaring.

The song of the Sirens is impossible for any man to resist.

As boats full of men sail past Siren Island, they're pulled in by the Siren's song, irresistably drawn to Siren Island, crash their boats on the rocks of the Island - climb up to the Sirens playing and singing - and are grotesquely killed and eaten by them.

As you've likely already guessed - this legend was created by men.

The message is: Siren's are dangerous.  Women are dangerous.

Odysseus avoids destruction by having his crew put wax in their ears - and tie him to the mast so he can experience the Siren's song as they sail past.

All of this, for me, is testimony to your power as a woman.

The power of your song. Your voice. Your Wants. Your needs.

What you say, what you do...everything.

And in the Siren Island Community, you'll learn how to wield your Feminine power as a woman, attract the man you want, untie him from his "mast", melt the wax from his ears, and - as he climbs over rocks to get to you - experience a happy-ever-after life together...

...If every man you meet feels like a dead end...and "work" feels like an endless parade of nonsense...

If every moment you spend with your man feels like a potential minefield, and the constant disappointment of not feeling heard and not experiencing your needs being met and cared for is exhausting... 

If just day-to-day feels unsatisfying, rushed, airless, spaceless, pointlessly complex and frustrating,  and almost funless...

If you're working with the Rori Raye Modern Siren Tools and want some help using them in your unique situation...

Welcome To Real Solutions On Siren Island!

What The Siren Island Community Membership Includes:

In addition to the Live Classes and supportive Community, you'll begin receiving these exclusive Materials, included in the Siren Island Program and Community:

The 6 Love Forever Tools - These 6 Tools are the center of everything Siren School, and Rori Raye Method™ Coach Training - and are only available through Siren Island, and Private Coaching Programs...

The "Inner Boy" Training Videos - (if you're thinking "what's my 'inner boy' - and what's he got to do with anything - you're not alone! Yet, it's your "Inner Boy" who literally determines what kind of man you attract - so we want to make sure YOUR Inner Boy is doing right by you!

The Make Him Fall For You ebook (regularly on Amazon for $26, and a part of special live events, this book is a collection of my most powerful Tools...)

Unique interviews and conversations between Rori Raye and Helena Hart - as written materials!

The Siren 7-Day Challenge! - an entire program with new Tools, Assignments, and unique solutions...

Worksheets! - you can post them with your answers on Siren Island and get personal coaching around your situation!

Special written and video Guides to help you with very specific situation...

The "Impact Him!" Video Program - you'll learn how to have a much stronger "emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual Impact" and influence on him - by learning how to handle the "incoming" and "outgoing" impact constantly bombarding you with seeming "necessity"...

So much more: Videos, personal stories from Rori and Siren School coaches, Videos made specifically for you to answer your questions, Guides and Manuals from programs...

Yes, I'm the Siren in the photo...

mermaid rori 2

A Note From Rori: This comes from the days when I was an actress, and it was taken at a real beach in Los Angeles, where I froze my fanny off and was drenched every 5 minutes by real waves breaking over the rock they'd set me on. (I couldn't walk or even move - I was a mermaid!)

The director had personally tied me into this gorgeous, shimmery mermaid tail you see, that he'd personally created for me, and after the shoot, he wanted to carry me over to the nearest bar, set me on a stool, and photograph everyone's reactions (I had a huge fake emerald glued into my belly-button, and the wig glued down to cover my breasts).

Thank goodness, when he saw the exhausted look on my face, he changed his mind and sent me home.

The story is interesting for two reasons memorable to me, and significant to your personal Siren-ness:

First, the part (it was for a commercial) originally called for a "housewife-by-a-swimming-pool" - and they hired me for that role.

When they re-wrote it, and decided to make the woman in the commercial a mermaid - they could have easily looked for a prettier, more shapely actress who hadn't already shown up in "housewife" gear - yet, they didn't.

They told me, on set, about the discussions the advertising agency, director and sponsors had about me, and how they'd argued, but decided that they liked me as a person representing the product (my line was "Hey, Culligan man..."), thought I was "cute enough," and decided to stick with me.

So - here's a concrete example (and with money involved, you know these decisions aren't made lightly) of me not falling into the way I thought of myself.

This is about a number of people important to a project who picked up on my "vibe" and experienced me as a "Siren." They thought I could sell their product. They didn't want to hire anyone else.

So - if you're coming up with all the reasons "why" any particular kind of man wouldn't be the one for you (or any particular "dream" job, family, life would be "out of reach") - think again.


Attraction is attraction - EVERYWHERE in the world, on every level.

Everything is done through attraction.

Every person's attraction to another person is what makes business, money, and love.

And the second important thing that happened that night was - I didn't go home.

I went to the apartment of my boyfriend.

I wanted to show off, I wanted him to see me in my makeup and with the jewel in my navel, I wanted HIM to be attracted to me and want me and...yes, commit to me, and marry me, and be with me forever, and...

And, of course, that's not what happened.

He felt the way he always felt. He gave me as much attention as he always gave me, and he was - as are all men - feeling "invaded" by my need to "go to him."

Sirens do not "go to men."

Everything I've learned in the last decades that can help you become a Siren way faster than I did is in Siren School. I'm here, live, with you!

Start here, with Siren Island - with Live Classes every month, exclusive materials, and the full support of the vibrant Siren Island Community.

Rori 20

If you have questions about whether or not Siren Island is for you - please write me here:

I hope to meet you on Siren Island, and see you Get Everything You Want From Your Feminine Energy...

Love, Rori

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