Welcome To Love Forever!

The Love Forever 6 Tools you're about to learn (and dive deep into) are the most powerful set of Tools in all my programs - and are the basis of Siren School Live and RRRCT (Rori Raye Relationship Coach Training)...

You'll be able to put everything you learn here into a quick healing for yourself and your love life - and with the included, personal, one-month of unlimited email coaching with the superb Rori Raye coach Naomie Thompson - you'll have guidance every step of the way.

Love, Rori

Here's How You'll Get To The Love Forever Program:

Now that you've completed your Love Forever sign-up form - in about 15 minutes, your official login name and password will be emailed to you (please watch your email box for that!).

Once you login to the members site on Members.CoachRori.com, you’ll be taken to a page where you can choose from your different Siren School memberships – just click on “Love Forever” and you’ll go to your “Home Page.”

Here, you’ll have access to the huge amount of audio and written materials you’ll be working with throughout your Love Forever experience!

If you've come to the Love Forever program from working with Siren School coaches and I on Siren Island and Siren Circle live classes, you may wonder where to go next!

First, if you haven't tried Siren Island - take a look here:

And then - the next thing you'll want to check out is The  Business Siren's Handbook

We all work.  There's no escaping it.  You either work for a company, work "under" a boss with co-workers, or ARE the boss!" - or you're en entrepreneur with your own business or professional practice as a lawyer, a doctor or nurse, a therapist, a healer, a consultant...so many possibilities.

And - you DO work! There's no way around it

The thing is, almost ALL work (even in businesses run by only women) is described as a "masculine" concept.

Even if you're an artist, a creative, a singer, dancer, painter - you notice that in order to get PAID for what you do, you end up in some kind of "system" - usually run in a "masculine" way.

The Business Siren Protocols help you learn to navigate this masculine landscape from your feminine energy.

It sounds ridiculous, to be "led by your feminine, chaotic, original, EMOTIONAL self."

Yes, when things are tough, urgent, intense at work, it hardly seems the time to go all emotional.

And yet - that's the ONLY way you, as a woman can reduce the stress of it and actually get stuff done that pleases your soul in the process.  There's no other way to describe this - your soul is feminine.  It just is.  You know it is.

And every time you and I try to "act like a man" because it seems like the "suitable" thing to do (yes, "suit up!") we seem to not do as well.  We get rebuffed ignored. We try harder and harder, and then forget why we're even doing "stuff."

Business Siren puts everything squarely in the hands of your DESIRE - and, amazingly it all works.  You can download "The 3 Desires..." for free, below, to get an idea of how Business Siren Protocols work, and then pick up The Business Siren's Handbook on the 3 Desires "Thank You" page.  Or just click on the picture here and go to the order page.

And my next suggestion may shock you:

How about considering becoming a professional coach yourself!

It's not that far-fetched.

With all you're learning with Rori Raye coaches on Siren School Live - and all you now know from USING these new Modern Siren Tools and skills in your everyday life - I'd be willing to bet lots of advice-seekers are hovering around you.

Your girlfriends, co-workers - and NOT because you have "the perfect love life" - but because you seem to be getting happier and feeling stronger in a way they can NOTICE.

You seem to be dating.  You seem to not be complaining or upset - you seem hopeful.

That's all it takes to help another human being to get out of their own "pit."

If you fell tickled by the idea, just write to me in the contact form below, and we'll get you information and set up a meeting!

So happy to have you in Siren School Live, and I look forward to working with you on Siren Island, in a Siren School Warrior Woman Class, or training you in RRRCT.

To simply ask me your questions and concerns - write to me here, in this form, and I'll get right back to you!  Love, Rori

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