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NOTE: If you've just now joined Siren Island for  the Podcast/Videocast live on Siren Island recording event with me (Rori Raye) and Natalina Love at 11:15 am US Central time (that's 12:15pm eastern, 9:15 am pacific, middle-of-the-night Australia, and early evening Europe...)!

Here are the links to get to the event:

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Meeting ID: 894 6260 6368
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4. Download your Siren Island foundational "6 Love Forever Tools," Coach's Notes, and Guidelines: To get to these materials, just go to the "Files" link in the group "Dashboard (this is how the page might look to you on your phone, with the "Files" button for written Guides and "Media" button for Videocasts):

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When you click on the "Files" link. the materials will open up for you right on the page!

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Once you login to the members site on blog.havetherelationshipyouwant.com, you’ll be taken to a page where you can choose from your different Siren School memberships – just click on “Siren Island Membership” and you’ll go to your “Home Page.”

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And - as a member of Siren Island, you now have a bonus discount for the Love Forever program including one month's full email coaching with the great coach Beth Ellen!


Love Forever is the CORE program for Siren School.

"The Love Forever 6 Tools" you'll get on The Feminine Siren Membership and Siren Island are the foundation of RRCT (Rori Raye Coach Training), the foundation of the $4977 Love Forever In 12 Weeks program that gets stunning, transformational successes for you, and the basis of how Rori Raye coaches will work with you.

There are 35+ hours of Love Forever recordings, beginning with my teaching you The 6 Tools, then putting them into action with the women in the officially recorded classes. You'll be there as I address, coach and "fix" their personal - and unique, like yours - situations.

Along with the hours of recordings, you'll get 2 book-length written and edited transcripts of the first sessions devoted to teaching you The 6 Tools, a bonus interview with my husband so you can hear how I learned to do what I teach, and how you can learn it, too, PLUS:

ONE MONTH of personal Voxer voicemail coaching and support from brilliant superstar coach Beth Ellen!.

Beth Ellen is not only one of the most brilliant, most compassionate, skilled and terrifically popular coaches I've ever had the pleasure of knowing - she co-hosts The Feminine Energy Workshop each month - where you'll get to work with her in person.

I feel blessed to have her working with Siren School clients, and so glad she's made herself available to you for Love Forever voice message coaching.

With everything Beth "is" and "knows" - the most crucial and awesome aspect she possesses as a coach is her incredible personal warmth.

Now only will you feel comfortable, "got" and emotionally "held" by Beth's warmth, you'll experience how her ability to translate those qualities of Feminine Energy warmth and openess to your own life will quickly help you build your self-confidence.

As soon as you purchase Love Forever, Beth will email you to get your coaching started!

Beth FEW

The cost of The Love Forever Program is (and will always be) $197, yet, because you've just joined The Feminine Siren Membership and Siren Island, you'll only pay $167!

If you'd like the privacy of a personal coach, along with written materials and audio recordings to put The 6 Love Forever Tools to work for you in your personal life, designed to mesh with your unique personality, The Love Forever Program is your next step.

Here's the standard page for Love Forever, so you can know what it's about, how it works, what you'll get:

If You're Enduring The Back-And-Forth Of A "Rubberband Man..."

...or longing for love and feeling like there's no good man out there for you -

The Love Forever Program is here to help you quickly get what you want...

Every day with my clients I come up with new Tools to help you turn your love life into what you want it to be - fast, and now you can experience the amazing, dramatic love-life turn-around my private clients get by joining my "Love Forever" program -

Once you join the Love Forever program - here's what you'll get:

1. Access to the 35+ hour audio recordings of my "Love Forever" program - PLUS:

2. My interview with my husband about how our marriage works...PLUS:

3. Your personal questions, answered by a Rori Raye Siren School coach, personally - by email! You'll get email access to your coach for the full month in which you purchase Love Forever!

Here's Some Of What's Covered In The Love Forever Recordings You Can Instantly Access:


You'll Learn The Dynamics of Making Him Fall For You

* How "The Energy Bubble Of Love" works, and how to bring a man close instead of pushing him away

* How To Dial a man to his Love Channel no matter WHAT's going on with him

* How to make INTIMACY feel "natural" to a man - even if he's scared (and you are, too!)- so you can create real emotional closeness with him - even a man you haven't met yet!

* Why a man thinks the way he does - and how you can leverage that to compel him to want you even more, and WANT to commit to you forever... all on his own...

* How to create real, genuine, mind-blowing, deeply emotional INTIMACY - even though it feels totally "wrong" and you're as scared of it as a man is...

* How to turn a man around "on a dime" - no matter what things are like now (the worse things are, the FASTER this will work)

* How to use the Tools in my programs for YOUR specific, unique situation

* What commitment means to a man, and how to get him to commit to taking YOU to YOUR "Happy Ever After"

* How to shift your "vibe" so that a man can FEEL you - even if you're across the world from him! This works great to cure his missing phone calls and texts and get you back on track contact and connection-wise

*The Key To Love - Thrills and Safety: Opening yourself up to love so HE'LL open up and LOVE you!

* How to make him jump off his bachelor "ship" of "freedom" and choose to bind himself to you forever on Siren Island

* How to undo the damage, replace what doesn't work with what DOES work to create love, and break down his (and your) blocks to love.

* How to mesmerize him with your "poetry of you"

* How to ramp up your natural "magnetism" so he'll automatically be AWARE of you. You'll be on his mind and in his heart in a deep, profound, powerful way.

* Create more love by focusing on YOU instead of on HIM - That's so easy to just "say" - and I'll teach you HOW to DO it!

*Nuts-and-bolts of Scripting, Circular Dating (even if you're married...), and Healing Your Old Patterns With Toxic Men

* How to use your emotions - even the ones none of us want to feel - to bind him to you everlastingly

* How to use the Relationship Rollercoaster - and even a man's "Rubberband" instincts - to your ADVANTAGE

* How to quickly shift your "vibe" from the moment you wake up - to the moment you wake up the next day to ATTRACT him more

***AND AS AN ADDED BONUS - you'll have access to a recording of me interviewing my husband, Jeffrey Mark Levine!
I ask, and he answers about how we make our marriage work and how he knew I was the one -

You'll hear everything you've wanted to know about how I pulled my marriage back from the brink of disaster, and what deep connection looks like....!
Jeffrey will answer:
*Why he chose me
*What is the glue that holds us together
*What devotion means to a man
*How a man recognizes that you're "his ONE"
*What a man wants and why he stays...
*What pushes a man away
*How a man wants to be talked to
*What love is from a man's point of view
*How to create an Umbrella of Safety...


*You're struggling and trying and working hard to meet the right man for you, to get him interested all the way to forever...or...

*You're struggling with a man you're already in a relationship with to get him to LISTEN to you, to HEAR you, to SEE you, to GET you, to GIVE you what you need - love, affection, tenderness, attention, conversation, commitment, devotion, peace and harmony and great sex...

"Love Forever" will help you...

Love, Rori

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