Members: RRRCT Class Scheduling

cutie hair croppedUse the form below to schedule your 15 minute one-on-one “working” phone time during a one hour Clinic with your Master Coach Teachers each week!

(All times are Pacific Time – if you need help converting time – go to

By scheduling an hour each week, the Master Coach Teachers (and I) will know to expect you during that hour, and look for you on the call.

RRRCT Classes, beginning with Fundamentals, begin with me on Monday, July 11th at 11am PDT and again at 5:30pm PDT, and will continue every  Monday for 22 weeks!

Here’s the Clinic schedule as it now stands for Fundamentals:

Tuesdays at 11am PDT beginning July 12th,

Tuesdays at 5:30pm PDT beginning July 12th

Thursdays at 11am PDT beginning July 14th 

Schedule as many weeks in advance as you can – you can always go in and change your times whenever you need to.

*Please let me know if the only clinic times you can attend are already filled. I’ll add you into the class you need and notify the Master Coach Teacher that you’ll be there. We expect some times to be more popular than others, and have created a system to accommodate you.

Additionally – if you’re not scheduled in, and find yourself free for a clinic at the last minute – feel free to DROP into the clinic at the beginning of it…the Master Coach Teacher will know you’re there and add you to the Clinic time.

Here are your Certified Master Coach Teachers:

Helena Hart –
Valarie O’Ryan –
Carrie Stanfield –
Michelle Manley –

You’ll be getting email confirmations and reminders for each week you schedule, along with instructions for re-scheduling and cancelling.) Have fun!

You’ll see the options for each RRRCT Session Clinic below in the pull down…

Love, Rori