Members: RRRCT Certification!

rori pixlrIf you’ve decided that RRRCT Certification is for you, I’ve made it very simple, straightforward, and easy to complete quickly…This is what we’ll do:


1. Two personal hours by Skype with me – to practice coaching skills, work out your business details, get content editing, solidify your interviewee and presentation skills, help with client issues, motivation, branding and marketing advice

2. Inclusion on The Rori Raye Certified Coach Directory for one year. (Each year, renewal will be required, and the fee will be $500)

3. Your personal “Coach Page” on for one year.  (Yearly renewal is included in each year’s Directory renewal fee)

4. Client referrals from me personally for one year. (Yearly renewal is included in each year’s Directory renewal fee)

5. Certified Rori Raye Relationship Coach “badge” for your website. *(This is permanent and does not require renewal)

6. Personally written Testimonial from Rori Raye

7. One Guest Post on my Rori Raye blog.


1. You’ll have two personal hours with me – we can talk by phone or Skype (I’d prefer Skype so we can see each other and I can teach you advanced work), and we can also work by email editing your eletters, blog posts, and Rori Raye Certified Coach Directory listing and Coach Page.

2. You’ll be listed in the Rori Raye Certified Coach Directory that appears on and, which will have your photo, a brief paragraph about you and what makes you unique, with links to your website.

3. You’ll have your own “Coach Page” on will be a version of your “About” webpage, and the links on this page will go directly to your website.

This way, because I have more “google page rank” than you do – you’ll automatically have powerful links back to your website/blog, and more women will be able to find you.

4. You’ll be on my personal “Referral List” that will only include Certified Coaches. This list will go out in a personal letter from me or Melanie – with my personal recommendations about you and your unique brand and style of coaching and links to your website/blog – in reply to email requests I receive for private coaching.

5. You’ll have a “Certified Badge” in .jpg form to put on your website if you like.

6. Additionally – I’ll write you a personal testimonial for you to use wherever and however you like.

7. Your Guest Post on my blog – can be used to promote a teleclass you’re doing to create a new program, or anything else you want. I will discuss with you personally the best way to use this opportunity, and the Certified Coaches who’ve used this to promote themselves can tell you how it worked for them.

8. Here’s the Paypal button to make Certification happen:

What you should do first:

1. Write your Coach Page and “paragraph-long sales piece” for the Coach Directory. I’ll edit it and make it personal, from me, subject to your approval.

2. Schedule your one-to-one Skype time with me!

Can’t wait to see how successful you can get!

Love, Rori