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If you want a way out of meeting an endless stream of boring men, feeling unheard and lonely within your relationship or feeling that weird combination of  neediness and yet so frustrated you just want to quit the whole business of love and relationships, I can help.

Michelle ManleyIf you want to stop feeling dissatisfied with your career, feeling stressed about your relationship with your colleagues or feeling in ‘work’ mode when you’re at home with your man, I can help.

It’s not because I’ve got all the qualifications for the job, even though I do, it’s because I’ve made all the mistakes possible in getting where I am today!

What I’ve learnt about being a woman in relationships can help you.  I’ve done all the things I’m embarrassed even to talk about, so I can help you avoid all that.

What I’ve learnt from the numerous industries I’ve worked in as an employee and as a self-employed management consultant, means I can help you avoid the endless, frustrating relationships with colleagues and clients, the meetings where nothing you say seems to get heard, failing to get the promotions you know you are ready for and the mornings when you dread going into work.

My personal experience of relationships has been meeting men that were really into me at the beginning, wanting to be with me all the time, showering me with attention and affection, and then suddenly withdrawing, often seemingly without warning, after a few weeks or months, and closing down to the extent that communication stopped and the relationship fizzled away.

The really frustrating bit was it always seemed to happen at the point when I started to have feelings for them, leaving me back ‘at square one’ and ultimately lonely and alone.

As far as work is concerned, I’ve been, as would be conventionally described, successful in my career and yet I always felt insecure and undervalued.

That has all changed for me, for the better, as a result of awakening and tapping into my innate, nurturing, intuitive ‘feminine’ energy; the energy that men crave to be around and the energy that allows us to make decisions based on our gut, as well as from our head.

I’m now fulfilling my ambition to be my own boss and it feels fantastic that my work helps other women to achieve their potential. I’ve seen my confidence and self-esteem rocket and as a result my relationships with men have dramatically improved.

I can help you have the amazing relationship and career you have dreamed of and still be able to celebrate the success you’ve had in your career without intimidating a man, still show a man your vulnerability and expose all your emotions without scaring him away, still keep at the heart of you your needs and aspirations and feel comfortable being the truly sensual, soft, sexual women you are.

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