Rori Raye Coach-A-Thon Free Webinar!

You’re about to experience The Rori Raye Method in action with brilliant coaches who’ll “get” you.

Who’ll understand you, know where you’re coming from (because they’ve been there…). and “fix” what’s going wrong.

You’ll suddenly get moving in the direction you want to go without activating your resistance and defenses, without triggering your natural fear of “change.”

You’ll experience a “shift” happening so fast, you won’t have time to notice anything out in the world but the new way people – specially men –  relate, respond, speak to you.

To experience the Coach-A-Thon, go here:

If you’re enduring a situation that hurts and feels frustrating – and even unfair – Siren Circle is here to “fix” it for you. 

Just watching the Coach-A-Thon will give you lots of great, fresh ideas and Tools to get your situation “fixed.”

Here are some of the situations we aim to fix in Siren Circle – and if you’re going through one of these, we know we can help you quickly.

*Disappointment and even anger about “dating” in general – and that the good (or even “decent”) man for you hasn’t yet shown up to “claim” you…

*Jealousy, worry about other women at his work, in his group of friends, in his “fun” time away from you…

*Frustration about his “ex…”

*Upset, stress, anxiety, anger about how a relationship is going: Will he ever commit, will he ask for a second date, will he call or text, will he notice you at an event…

*He’s gone in some way: he’s left your home, he’s stopped calling, he doesn’t answer your texts, he says you’re “broken up,” OR, he’s withdrawing, withholding sex and affection, disappearing emotionally even though he’s still around – and you want him BACK!

*A general feeling of ickiness that what you want is always either out of reach or slipping away…

*Sudden awfulness, like: infidelity (you just found out for sure that he’s cheating, even though you knew it all along…); infidelity (you just found out for sure he’s cheating and you had no idea! It’s like being hit with a brick…); he says he wants “space” (another brick); he suddenly doesn’t think he’s “in love with you…” (I remember this one once keeping me from getting out of bed for days…); he has to move away for a job, a friend, the Peace Corps, family….(we’ll help you know what to do, exactly); he ignores you, criticizes you, doesn’t spend time with you or show you affection; the sex is either so great it’s keeping you with him no matter what – or it’s so awful and minimal you don’t know how to salvage your relationship…

*Ongoing awfulness, like: there are no decent men anywhere who seem interested in you.  You’re attracted to the bad boys, and they sense your vulnerability and abuse it (which makes you want to always stay closed up…). You’re attracting feminine men. You’re attracting and attracted to emotionally (and logistically, too) unavailable men…

*Righteous rage.

The list goes on.  Whatever you’re experiencing, Siren Circle will directly give you the Tools to “fix” your situation – without trying to change your FEELINGS!!!!

We don’t beat-around-the-bush, and we don’t give strategy-filled “advice” – we literally TEACH you how to say and do things you’ve never, ever known how to say and do before, practice the doing of it with you – so you’ll see change happen right away out in the world.

If you’re not sure if – or how, exactly – we can help you on Siren Circle, please write to me from the Coach-A-Thon page (or any contact box here on and I’ll give you a fresh idea of how the brilliant Rori Raye coaches teaching Siren Circle will “fix” your situation.

Siren Circle Live Coaching (and the famous Siren Island Facebook group, which is included with Siren Circle!) – is here to save your dream. To get you what you want in love, and to make sure you feel so secure that love is yours forever, you’ll never fear having to go back to “square one” again.

We’re here to help you Bring Him In, Bring Him Back, And Bring Him Close…

To experience the Coach-A-Thon, go here:

Love, Rori


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