No More Waiting For Coronavirus To Pass – You Deserve To Be Loved Now – Video

It’s really, really hard to even imagine we’d spend a year like this.

Afraid to touch anybody. Hug anybody. Kiss anybody. Literally stand within 6 feet of anybody.

That you’d learn to communicate with people through your eyes and voice, behind masks, without smiles.

That you might have forgotten all about Circular Dating, as if it can’t be done right now.

Well – it can.

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It’s been a long haul here during coronavirus.

We thought, Oh, it’ll pass. We can wait it out.

But we can’t wait it out anymore.

We’re going to have to find out how to have fun now: masks on, socially distanced, zoom dating.

You know what, there is a big plus for you in this, in terms of dating.

There are so many ways to meet men online now.

Everybody’s realizing that they’re lonely.

They want to be paired.

You want a partnership?

You want to fall in love?

You want a dear friend, somebody you can be with safely?

These relationships are developing now because people realize it’s going to be a long haul.

Men can’t just take you to bed and quit.

Everybody’s being safe and reasonable and careful.

So, take a look at all of your online options.

Get some help.

Get some programs about online dating now: how it works and how to carry it forward and build a relationship out of your connections.

You’ll be shocked.

You will have more men in your circular dating routine than you’ve ever had before, and they’ll be higher quality than you’ve ever had before.

All we have to do is learn how to feel attracted to these good guys, because we’re not used to so many good men.

I don’t want you to force yourself to be attracted to them.

My whole Modern Siren concept is about opening up bit by bit.

Allow yourself to get curious about men.

Stop thinking about your checklist and about looks.

Start thinking about what’s really important to you.

Good men will show up, and you will start to become more attuned to them.

It’s a step-by-step process, and now is the time to start.

Don’t don’t think about waiting anymore.

Don’t wait this out.

People are figuring out how to have fun all over the world now.

You can figure it out too.

It’s a new paradigm out there, but it’s not as bad for romance as you might think.

Pairing up with somebody, having somebody you can trust to live with, to be with, that would be an awesome possibility, right?

There are more chances now than before because men are in a different state of mind now.

So don’t wait.

Have fun.


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Love, Rori


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