Now You’re Really Needed As “The Coach” – Video!

We’re just about to emerge!

So many of us now are out and about…and what should feel joyful and rousing and calming feels actually – awful.

You’re needed by so many women, all over the world, as a coach:

For so many women, things are becoming terrifying.

It’s like – where do I go?, what do I do? – and, if you’ve been feeling adrift during CoronaTimes, it feels both wonderful and foreign.

All of sudden, we have to “get out there” again.

All of a sudden dating now feels “required.” We have to “participate.”

Those of us who’re more quiet, sensitive, perhaps calling ourselves “introverted” – and almost enjoyed the “distance” and lack of expectations from other people during the last year now feel pressured to “go back to what it was like before…” and feel confused.

If you’re dealing with any of this, if you have questions about how to date, what to do with the man you might have been “tolerating” all this year, yet now want to step away from a bit…let me know.

And if you’re feelng antsy, and want to share with the world everything you’ve put together for yourself over this year, and watching my videos and those of my great, famous coaches like Helena Hart – let me know.

This is where you’re so needed as a coach. If you have a tickle of a dream to become a coach yourself, to be trained and mentored by me and my Master Coach Team of star coaches, go here to get more info, and then write me!

Love, Rori

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