Of Course You Want MORE! – Video

We’re all taught to be grateful for what we have.

And – that is, for me at least, one of the keys to happiness, to inner peace, to love, yes….

AND – you still get to WANT MORE!!!

It’s not selfish.

It’s not wrong.

It’s your DUTY to want more!

If we’re not always following our DESIRES (this is huge for me, this word “Desire”) – we’re not following our instincts, our intuition, the spiritual, evolutionary, imperative wants that lead us to expanding and extending ourselves!

And, by expanding and extending ourselves by following our wants and desires – we get open enough and powerful enough to not only help others to be happier – but to lead.

The amazing thing is – we can lead from our feminine energy.

Wow – so much to talk about!

If you’d like to get personally, privately coached around how your Desires are the power coil of your feminine energy – and how to access YOURS – try the great, incredible, affordable Siren Circle coaches here: https://coachrori.com/siren-school-siren-circle/

Love, Rori



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