Quick Help For Anxiety, Worry, And Outright Fear – Videos!

Anxiety often feels like the opposite of Depression.

When we’re feeling “depressed” it’s like the lid on all of our emotions and life energy is closed tight.

When we feel anxious, frightened, freaked out – it’s like the lid on all those emotions and energy is shivering and shaking and bouncing around – of course we feel upended!

These videos are meant to give you a whole new way of dealing with all those tough, anxious feelings…

And here’s #2:

You don’t have to freeze when you feel anxious.

You don’t have to cover it up, or get rid of it, or run from it.

Anxiety is just a note from yourself that something’s unsettled, feels icky, or wants some attention – and all you have to do is Fall In Love With It!

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Love, Rori

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