Relationship Remodel – The Beginning

Hi, this is Rori and Zeke.You can see the ceiling of my atrium with skylights, and you can see the wonderful windows behind…

…This is what made us purchase this home pretty much sight unseen.

When we moved from Los Angeles to St Louis, the process of getting acclimated here and the process of this house consumed me for well over a year in the most fun project of my life.

If you are a do-it-yourself-er, a remodeler, if you like wielding a hammer, I can help you there.

If you want to hire a contractor, I’m here to give you tips about how to handle a crew, how to stay in a feminine energy while you’re remodeling or building things, how to enhance your relationship in the middle of all of this instead of making things worse.

Because decision-making can be stressful.

So, this is going to be about how to make decisions quickly, how to make them easily, how to live with your decisions, how to accept the mistakes that happen, the wonderful miracles that happen, how to love any process, including remodeling and relationships.

Now, remodeling automatically means you’re going to change something.

*You’re going to tear something down; you’re going to move something, and you’re going to put something in its place.

*You’re going to shift something.

*You are going to have boxes everywhere for a while.

*You’re going to be in disarray.

*You’re going to be making decisions.

This is the process of building a relationship.

It’s also the process of building a business from the ground up or scaling it higher.

It’s always the same.

*What we’re going to work on is doing this all from feminine energy, which can look like: spending an hour online, looking at lamps and picking the one that makes your heart flutter!

*We’re going to work on dealing with all of the contractors that you have, men or women who want answers right away when you don’t necessarily have them, how to get the answers, how to feel your way into colors and paint.

We’re going to see how similar those choices in paint and design are to choices in men!

Love, Rori

Rori Raye