The Rori Raye Co-Working Space!

Join me and Natalina Love over Zoom as -  "Feminine Energy Business-Siren Style"!

On Friday, March 8th

at 10am pacific, 12 noon central, 1pm eastern, late afternoon Europe, and late-at-night Australia!

Being a solopreneur, or alone in your cubicle or office, is lovely in SO many ways - and, yet, when you're doing tasks that don't feel inspiring, it really makes a huge difference when you're working in the same space where someone you like and feel familiar with is also working.

It makes it fun.

(...and if you can't come live, we'll get you the video recording!)

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Natalina Love and I'll each be doing our own separate tasks:

...editing and uploading podcasts and videocasts to Spotify and youtube; creating, editing and loading social media reels and posts to Instagram, FB, Tik Tok, LinkedIn and Youtube; using the Descript app for transcription to use for everything; creating graphics; coming up with ideas; fixing and creating web pages; fixing and creating programs, blog posts, materials - and answering email questions - so many things!

This first time co-working, we'll charge $10 to be in the space with us (every cent will be donated to The Humane Society of Missouri, who've just this last month done TWO huge, dramatic rescues and are in need of funds to feed, house and medically help over 150 dogs all at once)...

...You'll be able to see my computer screen, alternating with Natalina's screen, so you can gather some amazing resources and skills along with our company as you work on your own projects!

(We won't be teaching or coaching, just hanging out together and chatting with you!)

Here's the purchase form, and it'll take you to the Zoom link (please copy and paste it somewhere, in case you don't get the follow-up email with links just before the event).

Love, Rori