Rori Raye Relationship Remodel!

How To Remodel Your Home AND Your Love Life From Your Feminine Energy

Welcome To the story...

...of my dream home fixer-upper remodel, right after moving to St. Louis from Los Angeles - AND

How you can remodel, decorate, demo and rebuild your home from your heart's deepest desires - no matter what your man thinks he "wants"-  and deepen, intensify and solidify your relationship in the process!

The first thing you need to know about me in all of this is that I'm not a remodel newbie.

I was a full-out garden designer, running all-male crews, ordering from huge nurseries, trawling building supply houses, watching trucks pour "skips" of rock onto my clients' front and back yards, and carrying into my client's yards more plants, stone and cement than I could have ever imagined buying all at once.

I was on HGTV's Landscaper's Challenge 4 times, got a steady stream of clients from the shows, and had several different crews working with me.

Two years before we moved to St. Louis, I had the wonderful experience of gutting and putting together my completely new kitchen, whole house flooring, lighting - and I'd already designed and built an en-suite bathroom from a laundry room on the other side of a wall, and an entire new room from a front patio.

I had great help in Los Angeles from families of brilliant workers, and I always did the contracting - finding handymen and specialists all over Los Angeles.

St. Louis is a different story. It's hard to find anyone who has time in his or her schedule to work for you here. (St. Louis is  a great destination if you're a contractor or woodworker or like to build things - the costs are high, and the good people are booked out months ahead.)

I'm going to share things you may have never heard of, and I hope will save you time: tile - about the edges, where to buy them: brick-and-mortar stores and online, what you're looking for, what you want to pay, why the greys look so purple, and why if you want white glass tile you have to look specifically for lead-free glass tile - or it will be green!

I can help you with concrete, clever ways to put in shower pans - and, most important, how to find everything green and non-toxic, and talk your contractors into using them - meaning: you'll have to explain it to them, and watch like a hawk!

You'll find all the photos here that relate to the posts - AND - the bonus is that learning to do all this, and experiencing it happening from feminine energy - is the great challenge of being a woman (even if - and especially if - you're working with women contractors and suppliers).

Design and build is not lightweight work.

You get your hands dirty even if you didn't mean to - and you'll end up late at night looking at drawer pulls, pinterest, houzz photos and great, interesting things like lights and faucets online til you're confused.

Oh - and I'll give you some plumbing and construction tips so you can see what your people are doing - and stop them before they make mistakes they are very likely to try to then cover up (thinking you'll never notice).

Everything we do here in terms of design, materials and construction is also relatable to a romantic relationship! So - I hope you find that helpful, too!

Love, Rori

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