If you know my Modern Siren philosophy and methodology, you know I'm always looking for new ways to get for you what you truly want in love and in life.

New ideas, new Tools, new images, new "metaphors" for making what often seem like difficult emotional "shifts."


Rori Raye Watercolor Your Love Life is meant to solve TWO completely different things:

1. To enliven your art, if you're an artist. Perhaps introduce watercolor to you if you work in other art media, or give you some new ideas, new approaches to painting in watercolor - the medium I adore. And...

2. To use the "metaphor" of watercolor: brushes, paint, water, paper, resist, approach, how to begin... to give you a fresh way to use the Rori Raye Modern Siren Method - with brand new Tools!

In each video, I'll write down here some of the specifics I'll be talking about - so keep checking for new videos!

Love, Rori

The Watercolor Your Love Life Videos

Watercolor Your Life Introduction

By Rori Raye | February 10, 2020

How Watercolor Paints Are Like Words In A Relationship

By Rori Raye | February 10, 2020

If words are “things” that we all know, that are part of our common “language” – then can paint be the “words” of the language of art expression? If words are things we use to make language, pieces of language – then can paint be things we use to create art – the raw materials,…

Rori Raye Watercolor Your Love Life – How Brushes Are Like Your Emotions

By Rori Raye | February 9, 2020

If you’re familiar with my Modern Siren Tools – you’ll get this “big brush/little brush” Tool right away! It’s fanciful, and very sensual and physical. Emotions are what carry words. Like a brush carries paint. In this video, I’ll be talking brushes as a “metaphor” for your emotions and energy when you’re interacting with anyone…

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