Get Everything You Need To Feel Soul-Satisfied, Truly Autonomous, Purposefully Adventurous, Financially Secure, Connected To A World-Class Sisterhood Community, and Happily Successful As A Professional Coach with Rori Raye As Your Mentor:

*Learn The Rori Raye Method™ Of Coaching and get the fun and satisfaction of having a creative, artsy, powerful, incredibly effective coaching technique that gets your clients immediate success, and puts you above any other coach out there...

*Get a  personalized Training curriculum to match your interests and your unique style...

*Get a "set-up-for-you" online professional business complete with "Client Funnel"...

*Get access to multiple Rori Raye Siren School platforms and opportunities so you can practice what you learn while you get paid to coach, and...

*Have Rori Raye as your Mentor, forever.

The Rori Raye Method

What If... You Could Help Women Access Their Natural Feminine Energy And Create A Deep, Wonderful, Full Life Filled With Self-Love And Loving Relationships…     

While Gaining FINANCIAL FREEDOM and Complete AUTONOMY?

Imagine having a career that's so soul-satisfying and so well-suited to your passions and interests that it doesn't even feel like “work”.

It feels more like a calling, a personal mission, a higher purpose

You're energized by what you do and gratified knowing you’re making a difference in the lives of others.

Imagine, too, being free from worries over job security, the stress of corporate politics, or working for a boss who makes you feel uncomfortable.

  • Getting paid what you’re really worth
  • Having complete agency over your life. 
  • Setting your own hours. 
  • Calling the shots. 
  • Working with people you want to work with. 
  • Wherever you want to work.
  • Whenever you want to work.
  • No longer being limited by what others think you should be doing with your time or creativity.

Imagine Having More Autonomy, More Purpose, More Money... All While Helping Women Fulfill Their Greatest Desires...

Perhaps you’ve dreamed of such a life and career.

You just weren’t sure how to make it a reality.

But you do know something about yourself:

You’re someone around whom others feel comfortable sharing their innermost thoughts and feelings. Others come to you for advice and you love being able to help them in return.

You can often “see” their blindspots and what’s standing in their way when they can't. 

You’re a good listener. You don’t judge or criticize. You empathize. 

You “get” what others are going through.

You’re a Natural Coach.

Maybe you’re even already a professional counselor or healer.

Or just an “old soul” with a lot of love to give.

Either way, you enjoy sharing what you’ve learned about life, love, and relationships with friends and clients. You light up when those you care about have “AHA” moments after taking your suggestions to heart. 

And when it comes specifically to relationship advice, you believe in the power of my Rori Raye Tools. 

Like how to get a man to sit up and take notice of you... when he’s been distant or withdrawing.

How to turn around a dysfunctional relationship... when you’ve almost given up hope.

Or how to magnetically attract the man of your dreams... without having to “chase” him.

My Tools have completely transformed the way you approach relationships, and you're positive they can do the same for other women. 

That’s why you're so excited to share everything you know...about shifting to a feminine energy "vibe", about Circular Dating, about being a Siren, and about bringing a man close through feeling messages.

If you’re already a counselor or healer, maybe you’ve been wanting to enhance your practice with these Tools because you know it will give your clients more control over their love lives. 

You want to help more women in more ways, and in return, make more money and experience more financial stability.

If you’ve never worked as a coach or healer, maybe you've wondered what this type of career would be like. 

I can tell you that after decades working as a coach myself, it can be one of the most rewarding and gratifying things you can do with your life. 

Imagine it now…

You’re helping women who are going through painful and confusing times in their relationships - perhaps their relationships with themselves! -  or who have yearned for years to fall in love and get married.

You understand them, because you may have experienced the same issues yourself.

You KNOW what it’s like to want so much to be loved and desired, and you know how easy it is to get everything you want when you apply my Rori Raye Tools.

You are confident in your skills as a coach because you'll see the results time after time right before your eyes. After a few sessions with you, your clients will shift from the tight, controlling energy that was pushing men away.... to the open, soft, feminine energy that magically melts men’s hearts. 

You’re the experienced, compassionate coach they look up to. 

You look forward to hearing the progress your clients are making, how they are flourishing in their love lives. And they look forward to confiding in YOU and feeling more and more empowered after each session.

You are instrumental in helping them create beautiful love stories, get married, and start families. 

You work where and when you want and you’re financially secure. 

There’s nothing else you’d rather do with your time.

Take a minute to really imagine how this would FEEL

How this would change your day-to-day life. 

Can you feel an expansion at your very core? 

Does your future feel more open, full of adventure, and ripe with possibility?

If so, you know that this is the right direction to take. 

Your entire life has led you to this moment.

There may be just one little nagging worry...

What If Your Love Life Isn’t Where You’d Like It To Be Right Now?

You may be thinking to yourself:

“What if I’m still figuring out my own love life?" 

Can I still coach other women on improving their love life if mine isn’t settled yet?”

You certainly CAN!

Working through your own heartbreak and struggles can actually be an asset to you as a coach. 

Why? Because having your own heartbreak and struggles allows you to fully empathize with your clients. You've been in their shoes and have seen the struggle from their side.

It also makes you very “relatable”. Your vulnerability is an asset as a coach. You know what it’s like to want SO MUCH to be loved and to be disappointed again and again.

You’ve learned the skills and Tools and can use that knowledge to help other women suffer less and get more of what they want and need, too.


The best way to master a skill is to teach it to others.

As you coach others, you will learn about yourself: what your strengths are, what you need to work on, and what will ultimately bring you the love you deserve.

So your career will not only be a service to others, it will be a service to yourself in that it will help you grow and develop into the wise, heart-centered, confident woman you want to be.

What If NOTHING Stood In the Way of Your Dream?

You may be thinking, “That all sounds wonderful, Rori, but there are OBSTACLES standing in my way....

I'm a terrible salesperson... how would I ever find clients? 

I’ve never coached another person before...what if I’m terrible at it?

Why would women want to open up to me, anyway?

I don't know the first thing about starting a business like this.

Everyone has these same, common fears and hesitations when thinking about being a coach, and starting any business really.

It's easy to feel overwhelmed, to give up and go back to your “regular” life.

But women exactly like you are doing this EVERYDAY! 

Which means you can too.

And you can be wildly happy, making money and inspired by your work everyday.

What if virtually nothing stood in the way of you becoming a successful Rori Raye Method™ coach?

What if I provided you with ALL the KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, RESOURCES, and TRAINING you would ever need to build an exciting career that generates the income you need to live comfortably?

You wouldn’t feel lost or stuck, because you’d be personally guided and encouraged BY ME every step of the way!

You’d know—step-by-step—how to set up your business and get a website up and running.

You’d know how to distinguish yourself from other coaches, how to find clients, how to market yourself—even if you know zero about any of this right now.

Even if you've never coached anyone before, you’d be taught proven, unique skills—the “Rori Raye Method” of coaching— that has helped tens of thousands of women embody their feminine and become natural Sirens.

These are just a few of the secrets that have helped me create a phenomenally successful coaching business in the last 20 years, and I can’t wait to share ALL of them to help YOU create the kind of career you can be proud of and enjoy so much.

Look, I started the same way you’re starting—with just a dream.

An inkling. A longing in my soul.

Sometimes I had help, and sometimes I had to figure things out on my own.

It took me years to develop my Rori Raye Tools after much trial and error.

I then had to figure out the most effective way to teach these Tools to other women.

It’s taken me decades to build what started as a small coaching business into a wildly successful virtual business selling programs and eBooks.

But you already have an advantage I didn’t have. You don’t have to figure ANY of this out from scratch or do it alone.

I’ve produced a program where you can join a community of savvy, enterprising women and learn everything you need to learn.

You will be personally mentored every step of the way to help make your dream a reality.

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Introducing the Rori Raye Method™ Training Program:
A Comprehensive, LIVE, Online Program Providing You With ALL the Skills, Guidance, and Instruction Needed To Be A Successful Feminine Energy Coach In 6 Months Or Less

I loved being a love coach to women. But I retired from doing private, one-on-one love and relationship coaching years ago.

However, I continue to receive countless email requests from women all over the world seeking personal coaching in my Rori Raye Tools.

Maybe it’s because they have specific situations they’re not sure how to solve on their own or because they need extra guidance and insight into why they’re continuing to experience recurring problems in their love life.

Sometimes these women want to work with a coach in order to have more accountability in consistently applying the Tools in order to experience results.

There’s a huge demand out there. Even if I were still doing one-on-one coaching, I can’t possibly handle all the requests for my time. There are just too many!

That’s why I’ve decided to create a program to teach my techniques and Tools to women interested in enhancing their counseling practices or launch brand new, gratifying careers. This way, I can match women who need coaching to those who are available and ready to coach!

That’s how my Rori Raye Coach Training Program got its start.

You will be personally, one-to-one instructed, mentored, and guided to becoming an intuitive, successful love and relationship coach.

This is what I’m now most passionate about, and that means you get to benefit in ways that not only affect your love life... but your finances, career, and overall happiness.

Successful Love Coach Helena Hart Talks About Her Experience Since The Rori Raye Method™ Training 

"This training has far exceeded all of my expectations. It was just the best thing I've ever been a part of... I would highly recommend this program to anyone who would like to have a very rewarding career"

The Rori Raye Method™ is a 22-week, LIVE and HIGHLY-EXPERIENTIAL learning process. 

Upon completion of this program, you’ll have the skills, knowledge and direct experience you need to start your own coaching practice OR enhance your current counseling business with Rori Raye Feminine Energy and love and relationship Tools.

This one of-a-kind program is made up of

5 Powerful Components

that, together, provide EVERYTHING you need to 

launch your successful new business.

Add a subheading

In 22 Weeks, You’ll Have It All! 

The Skills, The Knowledge, The How-To’s and Experience to Start a Gratifying and Financially Rewarding Relationship Coaching Business

When you register to become a Rori Raye Method™ trained coach, you'll receive:

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Component #1: 

Deep Knowledge of ALL of my Feminine Energy, and Love & Relationship Tools

 ($3,000 value)

Gain complete mastery of the most POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE love advice I know, so you can help any woman with any relationship challenge.

Over 45+ hours and 400 pages of advice, everything you need to learn and master my Rori Raye Tools

Videos of me demonstrating 200+ of the Tools from all my programs and how to teach the Tool to a client, using the The Rori Raye Method™ of coaching.

Full access to my Love Forever program, which includes 35+ hours of audio where I go in-depth into new Tools and discoveries on the psychology of “how to make him fall for you”.

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 Component #2: 

 1-on-1 Coach Training on The Rori Raye Method™

($10,000 value)

LIVE Coaching with Me and Master Coach Teachers

We will personally coach you through virtual video calls to ensure you become an expert in HOW to effectively coach your clients using my proprietary "Rori Raye Method™ of Coaching."

  • This is a method no one else is using in the love and relationship realm, allowing you to distinguish yourself from other relationship coaches.
  • Learn creative role-playing and intuitive inquiry tactics to effectively guide clients to powerful relationship breakthroughs
  • Learn how to intuitively get to the heart of what your client really wants, feels and needs to express to her partner.
  • Access to 30 hours of training videos and audio instruction, plus a written manual on my “Rori Raye Method™” of love coaching.
  • All coaching sessions are recorded so you can access them anytime as often as you wish.
  • You’ll gain a deeper understanding of all my Tools so you can build your skills and confidently work with clients to help them create the relationship of their dreams.
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Component #3: 

Digital Business & Marketing Success Secrets

($3,500 value)

 Step-by-Step, Personalized Mentorship in Building All Aspects of Your Business

Everything you need to know to get up and running, with one-on-one help from me on:

  • Selecting a professional name
  • Picking a niche
  • Creating a brand
  • Choosing a website domain
  • Designing your website
  • Writing compelling marketing copy
  • Conducting live webinars or seminars
  • Attracting coaching clients and building an email list
  • Developing an email marketing campaign
  • And more!

Brand and Niche Development Deep-Dive with Personalized Feedback from Me

  • I will work with you to help you identify your ideal client to match your unique skills.
  • This component is considered one of the most valuable benefits of this program and a pillar of successful coaching business.
  • You’ll be able to distinguish yourself from all other coaches—even other Rori Raye coaches—and attract the perfect clients who will appreciate and benefit most from your coaching.

 Secrets to Building an Email List and Creating a Lucrative Marketing Funnel

  • Complete “how-to” on creating a customer email list of thousands even if you’re starting from zero.
  • Learn how to promote yourself online in an organic way so clients who need you will come to you.
  • No need for pushy sales or cold calls.
  • Do all your marketing from your home computer.
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Component #4 

Confidence Building & Skill Mastery

($5,000 value)

Develop Your Skills Through Experiential Role-Play

  • Practice your coaching skills with fellow trainees, supervised by me.
  • Get through the learning curve quickly because you’ll get immediate feedback on your coaching skills.
  • I personally observe, guide, and offer feedback on your coaching style.
  • Feel confident and ready to coach and advise actual clients using your skills and knowledge.
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Component #5

Access To An Ongoing Pipeline Of Potential Clients

($4,000 value)

Membership to a Business Incubator and Coaching Lab

  • Get a head start on building your client list!
  • You’ll get access to an exclusive, private online group (Siren Island) where you can practice your coaching skills
  • The opportunity to obtain paying clients through Siren School's private coaching program - The Siren Circle - where women are eager to learn and get advice on their love life, and...
  • The opportunity to be paid to coach women in a small group at the monthly Feminine Energy Workshop by running a break-out-room!

Be Promoted Through My Blog

  • I promote Rori Raye Method™ Coaches through my Have the Relationship You Want blog by publishing your articles!

You’ll not only master ALL my Tools...

...You’ll also learn how to coach women in the most effective way I know works—by helping them embody the feminine energy that will help them create the relationship of their dreams.

You also get all the how-to’s and knowledge you need to start your own business and market yourself effectively, even if you have no business education and have never been self-employed.

This component alone is INVALUABLE, because you’ll have the know-how to be a successful entrepreneur no matter what the economic conditions.

You’ll also be able to work from home, anywhere in the world, on a schedule that works for you!

When added together, all of these components individually would cost you $25,500 because not only are you getting world-class instruction on love and relationship coaching, you’re getting hours of my personal instruction, coaching and feedback

Considering all the training and personal coaching you receive, including one-on-one coaching by me, plus the fact that you’ll have everything you need to start a new career path and launch a lucrative business, and start making real money the day you graduate - your initial investment can be paid back within 3 months!

The full cost to graduate Rori Raye Method™/RRCT Coach Training is $9977 for this special Summer 2023 enrollment.


Have Questions? 

Schedule Your Live Video Call with a Rori Raye Method™ Master Coach Teacher Today!

Chat Privately With Master Coach Teacher Naomie Thompson About Becoming a Rori Raye Coach!

  • Is The Rori Raye Method™ a good fit for you and your needs?
  • Do you have the personality to be a successful coach?
  • What if you’re already a therapist or coach—how will The Rori Raye Method™ expand your client base and income?
  • How have graduates of this program used this training to make a name for themselves as rockstar coaches to make six-figure incomes?

Get on a LIVE VIDEO CALL, discuss your goals and desires and determine if this program is a good fit! Simply fill in your information below, and we'll schedule a time. 

Become a Rori Raye Method ™ Coach—Get Started Today!
Just imagine that in a few months, you can feel so free, so excited, so absolutely in love with your life, because you are helping women, doing what makes your heart glad AND making great money. I want to help you make this dream a reality.

I want to help you create the kind of career where you know you’re doing good in the world and helping bring love to people’s lives—all while having more financial freedom and success than you ever thought possible. No more corporate politics, no more being tied to a cubicle, no more feeling like a cog in the wheel of some faceless enterprise where you’re undervalued and overworked.

You’re finally doing what you love and you’re paving your own future!

This can be YOU in just a few short months when you become a Rori Raye Method™ coach.

The Only Coaching Program...
That Offers You Mastery of Proprietary Tools and Coaching Method, Personalized Instruction by the Founder, Complete Business and Marketing Fundamentals, and Direct Access to Prospective Clients Even BEFORE You Graduate

I designed the Rori Raye Method™ Training program to be different and therefore much more valuable for graduates than other coaching schools or training programs you may have heard about. Here’s how:

1. Rori Raye Method™ Master Coach Teachers and I teach, guide, and mentor you throughout the 22-week program. 

Unlike other coaching training programs where the founder is absent from all training, or only shows up once a month during a group call, I actively teach and guide students for 5 one-to-one live video call 1/2 hour sessions, with focused attention on all aspects of your training and helping you with everything you need to be successful - along with Rori Raye Method™ Master Coach Teachers. I'll be coaching you with experiential role-play coach training sessions, offer feedback, and, along with Master Coach Teachers, personally help you create your “brand”.

2. I give graduates a head start on their exposure to clients.

I offer three online platforms (Siren Island, The Feminine Energy Workshop and Siren Circle Private Coaching) where you can practice your coaching skills and become invaluable to prospective clients.

I also connect you to my network of readers, clients, customers and affiliates by publishing your articles on my personal blog, promoting programs you create to my Rori Raye email subscribers, and inviting you to appear with me on Masterclasses, interviews, webinars and “Coach-a-thons.”

3. You can make money coaching before you complete the program.

You can start making an income as a coach through the Siren Circle Private Coaching Program, where you’ll be connected with a coaching client who’s a good match for your personal experiences, specialties and skills. Few other coach training programs offer these opportunities to connect clients directly to coaches. That means you can start getting clients even before you complete the program.

4. You learn proprietary Tools as well as a proprietary method of coaching.

You aren’t learning cookie-cutter or generic approaches to love and relationship coaching. You’re learning Rori Raye Tools, which are simple techniques and powerful energy shifts to give your clients quick results in their love lives.

You’ll learn to coach using the Rori Raye Method™—which you’ve probably seen me use in my video programs, such as The Modern Siren. It’s a method that I know works especially well with my Tools. It not only helps a client discover what to do and say around a man, but it helps her naturally tap into her Feminine Energy. Both coaches and clients find this method to be intuitive and transformative.

5. It’s intimate. 

I keep these live online classes small and personal so everyone gets ample opportunities to work with me and the Rori Raye Method™ Master Coach Teachers personally.

6. Enrolling NOW for 2023!

Enrollment for The Rori Raye Method™ Summer 2023 is happening now. You can get started right away, start creating your dream— and be up and running with your new career six months from now!

Why Not Get Paid to Do Something You LOVE?

Become a Rori Raye Method™ Coach and Have the Life and Career You’ve Always Wanted

Are you ready to lead a more interesting, vibrant, satisfying, happy, “real life”?

One that pays more, gives you more freedom, and connects more with who you really are supposed to be?

Of course you are! Who wouldn’t?

When you become a Rori Raye Method™coach, your confidence will soar because you’ll no longer feel like you’re pretending, or dabbling, or “going through the motions,” but doing what you were always meant to do—live with purpose, to be seen, to be well paid, to say what you think and feel and have the world HEAR you.

By the end of this program, you’ll be a master practitioner of techniques and methods that help women create the relationship they’ve always wanted: The same exact Tools that have helped tens of thousands of women in the last 10+ years transform their relationships overnight.

Additionally, you’ll be skilled in a proven method of coaching that helps clients naturally shift their “vibe” so the Tools work much faster. This means your clients are happier and your business grows exponentially.

The Rori Raye Method™ Training program is the way you’ll bring your dreams into reality:

Build a career helping women connect to their own power to transform their love lives... 

Live a life filled with purpose and excitement...

Achieve financial security and abundance...

Feel good about yourself and the work you do in the world...

And master YOUR OWN LOVE LIFE in the process!

What would it be worth for you to have the skills and knowledge to be completely independent and financially self-reliant doing something you are completely thrilled about?

People pay tens of thousands (or more!) to go back to school without the promise of any practical skills that can be used to start a business and begin working directly with clients.

It may take them years to graduate and they still may not have the know-how to work independently or charge $100-200 an hour for their services.

But you will.

In fact, with the Rori Raye Method™ Coach Training Program, you’ll have the opportunity to start making income even BEFORE you graduate, because I’ll give you direct access to potential clients through private coaching memberships.

You’ll also learn how to attract clients to you from the comfort and convenience of home, using just your computer. No cold calls, no awkward job interviews, no complicated and expensive advertising schemes.

When you think of the possibilities—the six-figure income, the autonomy, a career you absolutely love, helping other women find their happiness—the value is priceless. But I understand that spending $9,977 can feel intimidating. That’s why we'd like to speak with you about your goals and specific situation, so if we determine that this training program is a good fit, we can propose a payment plan that may work for you.

And remember—there’s the potential that you can make back your full investment in as few as 3 months after you graduate when you start your coaching business and begin charging $100-200 for your services.

Take the first step by scheduling your private video call with me below, and find out how you can make your dreams come true by embarking on this inspiring, exciting path of becoming a Rori Raye love and relationship coach.

Love, Rori

Here’s What These Amazing Women Are Saying About Becoming a Rori Raye Method™ Coach:

Tatiana Dee's "Thank You Rori!" Video

"There were 20 of us, and we're all successful. We all worked so hard and it was just so worth it. And thank you Rori, I am absolutely fabulous. I'm a coach - YAY! "


If You Have Questions, Let Me Know!