RRRCT 2015 Free Teleclass Replays

0608263003-copyIf you missed the special RRRCT Q & A free teleclass on Monday the 15th (or if you were there and want to listen again, here are the replays:

Monday, December 15th at 11am PST -Rori and Carrie Stanfield

Monday, December 15th at 5:30pm PST -Rori and Valarie O’Ryan

Monday, June 16th, 2015 at 5:30pm

And…if you have any questions or concerns about how RRRCT will work for you personally – with your lifestyle, your personality, your history, your finances and, most important: Your DREAMS – let me know…

Just email [email protected] and Melanie, the RRRCT Administrator, will set you up with a phone or Skype call one-on-one with me. Together, we can assess your chances of success as a coach/guru in the life, love and relationship field, and clarify what RRRCT can do to make what you envision for yourself become real.

Love, Rori