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christine rich hansonChristine Rich Hanson

An amazing, intuitive coach, Christine Rich Hanson will “get” you almost immediately. She can find the source of your current or lifetime love and relationship situation so quickly, and help you to the solution and “fix” just as fast.

I’ve experienced, as she’s coached me in practice sessions, how she can get straight to the answer in only minutes. She’s kind, gentle and understanding, and yet her powerful skills give you a feeling of trust and confidence in her right away.

Christine’s only 2/3 of the way through RRRCT Coach Training, and yet she’s taken off like a rocket, she has clients lining up for sessions with her, has made back her full RRRCT investment – and tells you here how you can do it, too with RRRCT behind you:

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Download Christine’s amazing Cheat Sheet For Dealing With Men here:

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