RRRCT Certification

rori necklaceIf you’ve decided that RRRCT Certification is for you…

…this is what we’ll do:


1. Two personal hours by video Zoom with me – to practice coaching skills, work out your business details, get content editing, solidify your interviewee and presentation skills, help with client issues, motivation, branding and marketing advice, and we can also work by email editing your eletters, blog posts, and Rori Raye Certified Coach Directory listing and Coach Page.

2. You’ll be listed in the Rori Raye Certified Coach Directory that appears on www.CoachRori.com and https://blog.havetherelationshipyouwant.com, which will have your photo, a brief paragraph about you and what makes you unique, with links to your website for one year. (Each year, in order to stay on the Directory, we’ll need to be in touch to make sure your website is still active, and that you’re still coaching professionally and up-to-date with the Rori Raye Method of Coaching.)

3. Your personal “Coach Page” on CoachRori.com for one year. This way, because I have more “google page rank” than you do – you’ll automatically have powerful links back to your website, and more women will be able to find you.

4. Certified Rori Raye Relationship Coach “badge” for your website.

5. Personally written Testimonial from Rori

6. A video Zoom  interview with Rori for her youtube channel, which will be featured on Rori’s blog, and shown additionally to promote RRRCT, if you agree.

7. I will encourage you to create an “affiliate” system I can use to give you even more promotional action. Speak with Helena Hart about how that can work for you.

8. Anything else I can think of! I’ll personally refer to you if one of the letters I get every day from women in need seems like a perfect coaching fit for you, let you know about “summits” or JV opportunities, new software and marketing techniques, podcasts looking for new interviewees…

Here’s the Paypal button to make Certification happen:

What you should do first:

1. Write your Coach Page and “paragraph-long sales piece” for the Coach Directory – and send your favorite photo. I’ll edit it and make it personal, from me, subject to your approval.

2. Schedule your one-to-one Zoom time with me!

Can’t wait to see how successful you can get!

Love, Rori