Sami Wunder

FullSizeRender (50)Hi! This is Sami Wunder.

I help women like you end your struggle with love and quickly create the extraordinary love life you want and have always dreamt of!

I am a certified dating and relationship coach, but my real credential is my own heart-breaking experiences in love that I overcame to attract, meet and marry the love of my life – my wonderful husband.

My relationship blossoms into a more fun, intimate, deep, passionate experience every single day and I want to help you create this kind of love for you too.

I always say to my clients, if I can, then so can you!

Here are some of the things I can help you with –

  • If you are single and don´t know why you can´t attract desirable men to you
  • If you struggle with sustaining the attraction after the first few dates
  • If you don´t know why men stop calling and planning dates with you or outright disappear on you
  • If you are attracted to bad boys, players, married and emotionally unavailable men
  • If you have gone through a painful break-up or divorce and find it hard bouncing back into the world of love and dating
  • If there are “issues” in your committed relationship that are causing arguments and which you cannot seem to resolve
  • If your man is acting withdrawn, cold or aloof
  • If there is another woman in the situation and you don´t know how to handle it
  • If you struggling with finding the right words to speak to your man to inspire him to give you more of the good stuff – more sex, more affection, more attention.

Take a look at what some of my private coaching clients are saying about working with me –

  • There is a reason why this girl is called Sami Wunder! Because she actually makes wonders happen. There is magic in this girl and all she does is just tap her wand and make magic in your love life. My coach, my mentor, my guide- I’ll remain indebted to you all my life for introducing me to LIFE. All of Sami´s wonder tools, her coaching, her enthusiasm, her perseverance, her ceaseless passion actually made wonders happen in my life. I got married a week ago to the “Man Of My Dreams” and nobody can change the fact that it was SAMI who made it all happen. ~ Tanya, Sydney, Australia
  • Sami, you are a true embodiment of what you teach us women to be – Soft on the outside, strong on the outside. I cannot thank you enough for how patiently and lovingly you have handled me in my hard time. I feel loved, safe and secure in your presence and don’t feel judged at all. Thanks to you, my self-esteem is slowly returning and I am beginning to believe – There is love for me too! You are the best friend and coach any woman can have. Thank you for everything! ~ Emelie, Dublin, Ireland
  • My husband tells me I am changed woman. He doesn´t know what I am doing but it is great he says!! Thank you SO much Sami. I cannot believe how you managed all this in 6 Skype sessions. Your work is a life-saver for any woman who wants to be adored in her relationship. You are my coach for life. ~ Michelle, New York, U.S.A.
  • In just 8 weeks of private coaching, I felt such a difference in my self-esteem and understood how attraction works with men. I now have a loving and amazing man in my life that I am I am looking forward to marrying! Hire Sami as your love coach and you will be glad you did! ~ Kate, California, U.S.A.
  • Sami, I can´t even tell you how much I appreciate having met you and the private coaching we are doing together. The emails we exchange, I save each and every one of them and sometimes during a weak moment or on the weekend (when I don’t have access to you for our sessions over Skype), I just go back and read them and they make me feel sooo much better!! Instantly I feel empowered from a deep place within myself and it feels so much easier to make choices that are different to the choices I´ve made before and that did not serve me. You are my guardian angel!! Can´t wait for what the universe has in store for me next with you by my side. ~ Alina, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The system of relationship skills, tools and methods that I will be teaching you are exactly the same that I used to get over my limiting beliefs and love blocks and finally attract my amazing man into my life.

When we work together –

  • You will finally learn how actually men work and think and not how “we think” they work.
  • You will learn the major attraction killers and major attraction boosters when dating or committed.
  • You will be able to clearly see how a man looks at commitment and what he needs to give it to you (no more guessing)!
  • You will learn to feel so good and confident within yourself that you will be able to attract any great man you want without doubting yourself ever again.

I want you to know with absolute certainty that just like these women I have worked with, you too can quickly move to a confident feeling place within yourself and create an incredible love life no matter how stuck or bad you feel right now.

I know this stuff works! My own love story and the success stories of my clients are a testimony to it.

As a woman, you deserve to be adored, cherished, desired and loved and it would be my greatest joy to accompany you on your journey to having all of this.

Don´t waste years hoping fate will figure out your love life for you. Your time to be loved is now. Take charge and make it happen and give yourself the love abundance you so deserve.


Sami Wunder

From Rori: Sami is awesome! She’s totally transformational, and she’ll transform your love life (and how you feel about yourself) so quickly you’ll be shocked at how much better and more powerful you feel. Find her here (and be sure to sign up for her free newsletters and get her great freebie: “3 Powerful Secrets To Uplift You In Love” here–>>