Self-Love In 12 Steps


Rori Raye and
Mariah Grey

The old standby saying - "You have to love yourself before a man can love you" is a lie.

A flat out lie.

Though the Self-Love In 12 Steps LIVE Masterclass is over, you can now get all the materials of the Masterclass PLUS personal help with your situation from Mariah Grey herself!

Just as we did in the live Masterclass, you can write to me, and I'll forward your letter to Mariah for your answer.

In the videos, the written Materials, and your personal questions answered by email - you'll quickly get everything you actually need to fall in love with yourself - and create an instant, lasting bond with a man.

Forget the part about "a man won't love you unless you love yourself..."

If you've found yourself time after time with a man who doesn't love himself, either, you know this: love is "easy" - but relationship is HARD!

And that's what MOST relationships are made of...we couple with a man whose inner "wounded-ness" matches ours. No matter how long or short it lasts.

It works for awhile, and then it's just...pain.

All it takes is some new "ahhas" and Rori Raye Tools to OWN the level of self-love going on at any given moment - and use your new skills to raise up the "Love Level" all around you!

When we "shift," men shift. The atmosphere shifts. The pain fades.

The Modern Siren methodology can not only help you fix your love life directly - it works inside your relationship with you, so that everything around you automatically gets lifted up - including any man standing anywhere near you!

Know this: no matter how you feel about yourself, a man can find and love you...

And if he has even a "kernal" of the ability to do "partnership," and a character you can learn to respect - If you let him in, you can own the skills to grow together into something real.

Even if he begins by loving you "in his way" - you can own the insight and skills to expand love in all directions, and end up with a fabulous relationship.

So - please don't dismiss yourself just because you're not always (or ever!) the most confident woman in the room!

What's important to know, what's absolutely true - and most important for us to work on - is this: If you don’t love yourself, it becomes so much harder for you to love anything or anyone else.

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This includes: a dog, a cat, an adventure, a meal, a home, a project, a "mate," your soulmate, your twin flame, the man you’ve yet to meet, your family, a man you've just met, the weather, life. Anything.

And, if we can't truly feel and rely on compassion, regard, trust and unconditional love for someone else - because we don't feel all that for ourselves - it's hard to create the kind of relationship you want.

So - let's move you to the next level - of having a man and relationship that actually feels GOOD - where love flourishes, trust blooms, happiness explodes.

In the "Self-Love In 12 Steps" Program With Mariah Grey and Rori Raye

You'll get:

*Rori's Self-Love In 12 Steps and Mariah's Fall In Love With You Workbooks

*The Self-Love In 12 Steps video reference materials

*Your personal questions about your unique situation answered by Mariah Grey herself - by email!

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"Fall In Love With You..."

Mariah Grey is my guest coach on Self-Love In 12 Steps LIVE Masterclass, because of two things:

First, Loving Yourself is Mariah's coaching specialty (her personal life story and awesomely complete embracing of you exactly as you are, right this minute - no matter what YOU think of yourself - will instantly inspire you!)  -

- and because she's brilliant at not only "telling" you what you need to do to love yourself and get the relationship you want (at the same time) - she's able to actually help you GET there!

(You'll be able to download Mariah's Fall In Love With You Guide, along with my Self-Love In 12 Steps Guide the moment you sign up for the Masterclass/Coaching Program.)

How can you possibly...

Stop your old patterns and conditioning from running not only the kind of man you attract - but the kind of man you choose?

How can tuning into your natural, instinctive self-love is enough to allow you to allow a man to love even the parts of you you dislike the most?

None of us fully love ourselves.

None of us let ourselves fly freely, take superb care of our bodies, our hearts, our minds, our environment, our families, our emotions...everything about our lives.

None of us are "perfect."

And - not only does all of this not PREVENT us from having love - it's what brings love TO us!

The problem happens when we give all of this so much meaning that we embed it as something "true" - and instinctively drive away any good man who wants to love us not just for our good parts, but for the parts of ourselves we do not like at all.

The problem is - when we actively dislike any part of ourselves - a man will instinctively believe you will dislike HIS parts.

All you need is to "get" an awareness of when you're kicking yourself - and a bunch of Tools and "ahhas" to get you practicing switching it around with The Rori Raye Method.

He loves you for what you think are your faults. Now what?

It's not easy, peasy to "love yourself." I'm not going to lie to you.

And - it's not easy NOT because it's "hard" - but because, all our lives, we've been trained to do the opposite of what Mariah and I are going to teach you.

I'm not going to tell you to "rise above" your insecurities, fears, lack of confidence, the constant "self-dissing" you've lived with internally and subconsciously literally your whole life.

I'm not going to tell you to "put your self-mean thoughts on pause, manifest anything, think 'positively,' do affirmations, shut down the little self inside you that's terrified and angry with you - and terrified of and angry with men and the whole idea of emotional vulnerability and intimacy..."

I'm not going to tell you to "put your big girl pants on..."

I'm not going to tell you to "manage" it.

I'm going to teach you to DIVE into your feminine energy, swim in chaos, find out who YOU are (this is not the "you" someone told you that you were), feel your power, your original, girl nature, your incredible Desire - and then emerge with an entirely new way of seeing yourself and everyone around you.

Mariah and I will end all the self-dissing, self-taunting, self-ignoring, self-blaming, self-stopping, self-small-making, solve your inner arguments, tensions, discussions, and frustrations - no matter what state or situation your love life is in right now - so you can clear the way just enough to open the door to real love, real romance, real relationship.

Exactly what you want....

If you’re ready to stop feeling like you’re “not enough,” and ready finally learn to love who you are right now, join us and learn how to "do" Self-Love In 12 Steps.

Love, Rori