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Sex, Romance, Commitment And Forever Love...

The Masterclass!


Rori Raye, Mariah Grey, Debra Darlen, and Beth Ellen

You can get the awesome Sex to Romance Masterclass that happened live on April 23rd with complete video, audio and chat screen recordings:

This Sex and Romance event is now my favorite Masterclass ever, it was stunning, everyone had their mouths hanging open the whole time, we covered so much...I'm still reeling from it myself... 

The legendary Debra Darlen was so brilliant, and totally in her open, sensual Feminine Energy, teaching us the difference between "beautiful reality" and our imaginations (and how "reality" in sex is far-away the winner!), throwing "rules" to the wind...

Mariah Grey was off-the-charts amazing on a deep gut-level....she magically created instant connection with us from the moment she came onscreen - and then blew our minds helping us understand how intense, incredible emotional intimacy can get created in every imaginable sexual situation (yes, she talked about "kink")..and how we get to make our own choices and decisions...

Beth Ellen was so down-to-earth warm, grounding us all, teaching us how to step-by-step learn to trust ourselves and our bodies, and then trust men, in small steps so we always feel safe enough to let go (and explained the emotional, spiritual and physical ways sex heals our natural fear - including how jade eggs work)...

Natalina shared her story of slowly opening her mind and heart to possibilities she never would have  considered as a part of her strong religious and cultural upbringing, and brought us all to tears.

And I (Rori Raye) just shocked everyone every few minutes with something no one had ever heard of before...

So - though you've missed the live event - it doesn't matter!

You'll get everything, every moment of the experience on 2 full video recordings, the full audio recording, and the amazing chat screen written out for you (so much coaching went on there!)

Never again be afraid you've slept with him too soon...

Never again feel like you have to "get things started" or nothing will happen...

Never again find yourself "tuning out" and "in your head" when you really want to feel good...

Never again feel like you've "given too much..."

Yes, sex should be the most natural of things.

Yes, sex should be easy.

He should be raring to go, you should feel all soft and gooey, and it's just - well - natural.

Only it isn't.

Not by a long shot.

Sex is "The New Frontier" - And You Are A Pioneer Woman...

Sex seems like the "oldest" thing in life...

Like we're supposed to "know all about it" and "get it" and "know how to do it..."

As if sex "should" be an automatic response - something we're supposed to know about from the moment we're born - like it was programmed into us.

And that just isn't true - or even possible!

These days, even the DESIRE for sex isn't "automatic"!

We all have learned - or been "encouraged to learn" - most of the "technical"  aspects of sex...

But we've never, ever had the opportunity to learn what sex means emotionally.

And not just emotionally to US - but to a man!

The From Sex To Romance Masterclass Will Open Up A Brand New Door For You....

Especially once you're past your twenties and all of a sudden decide you want something more than a one-night stand or sport-sex.

♥ Especially if you have cultural and religious reasons to not even get close to a man too soon.

♥ Especially if you've become attached to a man - and he's still thinking of you as "casual."

♥ Especially if he's over 40 and having difficulty "performing."

If any of these are plaguing what should be a glorious expression of your feminine desire for warmth, connection, and animal pleasure...this class is for you.

So - Where To Start?

In From Sex To Romance -We'll be talking about every single one of these issues - and how to fix them - most important, how to stop anxiety and use all moments of sexual and sensual connection as food for your self-love-fest - which then results in "Romance."

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You'll Learn:

The Masters and Johnson technique of "Sensate Focus" to help you get his mind off "performing," so he'll not only find himself "back in his body" - he'll see YOU as the most glorious woman on earth (the one who can get him going...)

The Rori Raye "porn star" technique to get your own mind to give way to your own body, while taking the pressure completely off of a man so he can fully appreciate you...

The Sex To Romance technique that lets you never worry about how soon you sleep with a man (how he feels about you has absolutely nothing to do with "timing...")

The Shake It Out technique that warms you up and loosens your mental grip on your body...

And so many more situations you've likely encountered - PLUS  - your OWN situation!

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In The Sex To Romance Masterclass, You'll Get Help Solving Your OWN Unique Situation...

All of Siren School is about SOLVING your situations, not just "giving you information."

So - All during the 90 minutes of the Sex To Romance live class, we'll be answering your questions, solving your situation, and using your situation "solution" to solve similar situations throughout the class.

Joining me in The From Sex To Romance Masterclass will be brilliant, established, star coaches with incredible specialties:

Mariah Grey, Debra Darlen and Beth Ellen

sex to romance

We'll Be Covering Everything From:

"Sex Tech & Prep",

Anxiety, vulnerability,

What men need and want (and it's not what we've been taught to believe it is...),

Building emotional strength so you can "Let Go" of control, and

All new Tools to help you make quick decisions about "how far you want to go sexually"

♥ Fast Tools to save your sex life! If you're feeling stuck in a flat-lining, seemingly lifeless romantic and sexual relationship - you CAN, literally, rekindle it, and fire it up!

Scripts to help you express your true feelings and your true self in every moment - no matter how exciting and/or frightening things are!

And, again, most important:

♥ We'll be addressing your unique situation and what you need right this moment!

AND! You'll Be Getting:

♥ From Sex to Romance" "Cheat Sheets" from Rori Raye and Mariah Grey

♥ The full video, audio and written chat screen recordings of  the "From Sex To Romance" Masterclass

Love, Rori