Siren GuruGenius Business Coaching Programs

rori stage5 Siren GuruGenius is growing and developing out of a need my Rori Raye Relationship Coach Training graduates and Certified Coaches have for ongoing business development training.

During RRRCT – they got everything they needed – AND – it’s not until you get going and start really growing your business that you discover what needs to happen in the next step.

Because ALL business success depends (in my estimation) 99.99% on how we talk and relate to people who could become our clients and customers – learning how to communicate in a way that makes everyone you come in contact with want to stampede down your door is the crucial skill.

  • Advertising means nothing if you don’t know what to say.
  • Social media is wasted effort if you don’t know why you’re doing it, what you’re trying to accomplish, who you’re talking to – and what that person NEEDS!.
  • Videos are useless if the way you present yourself and your business doesn’t touch anyone.
  • Flyers and business cards, your website! – nearly everything you do depends on “Content.” What you say and how you say it.

In fact – “REACH” is useless if “how” you’re reaching out doesn’t connect with the people you’re reaching.

Siren GuruGenius is about combining “REACH” with “CONNECTION.”

It’s about moving people in an emotional way to WANT to know you. To hear what you have to say.

Welcome to the world of “Relationship Marketing” – and to what Siren GuruGenius programs can do to help you reach potential clients and customers and CONVERT them to paying, devoted, loyal clients and customers to promote you by instinctively informing other potential clients and customers about your value!

As I put these programs and courses together for you – let me know what you most need!

Sincerely, Rori



Rori Raye