Siren Of The Hip!

There are so many ways for a woman to endure pain....

The Rori Raye Siren Tools take care of your pain in love, romance and relationships by creating an entirely new "path" for you - with an entirely new way of "being" the woman you already are as you move down that new path.

You already are a woman filled with Love - AND, you're also a woman filled with the Desire to FEEL loved, heard, "got," and as BIG in the world (or as cozy!) as you want.

Then there's physical pain. The energy-stealing pain that comes from so many places:

Tissues, muscles, nerves, skin, hair, auto-immune attacks, thyroid and adrenal depletion, yeast and opportunistic infections, so many "syndromes" that cause us to feel "muddy."

Our reactions get tighter and quicker, we start to feel emotions that don't feel good more often than we feel the good-feeling ones...

...we're not functioning the way we want to be functioning - free of restraints and limitations.

Siren Of The Hip is a free video series (possibly leading to Masterclasses and Siren Circle coaching!)  meant to find you a way OUT of these restraints and limitations - and a way IN to your Desires, Wants, and natural, original Feminine Energy.

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Following Your Feminine Energy -

...even when it doesn't seem "logical" - is the way to begin feeling stronger, better, happier, more fulfilled, and more financially and emotionally powerful...

Forum and support groups aren't the only answer here (though, when I was going through my worst challenges, support groups in the middle of the night were what kept me in one piece).

There is a system of understanding your unique body, your unique internal patterns, and understanding what's available for you holistically that can make a huge difference for you.

So - I've pulled together a naturopath, a physical therapist, and a spiritual leader to help you (and, me too!) put all the pieces you're finding on the web to "fix" your unique situation.

Among the materials you'll have available are

The Siren Of The Hip "Manual"

Physical Therapist and Healer Ana Marinho's videos, written materials and online support (Ana got me through my hip replacement surgery - beginning by repairing as much damage as we could, recognizing when the damage was too great to be fixed by anything except surgery, and then making it all work after surgery.

A plan from Lisa Fillis, N.D. and Tiffany Jones, N.D., Matia Brizman, M.T.O.M., L.Ac., Ph.D. and Ana Marinho, for healing everything from yeast infections, auto-immune flare-ups, leaky gut, Hashimoto's Thyroid, Adrenal Fatigue, CPOS, Vulvadinia, Fibromyalgia, my auto-immune issue: Interstitial Cystitis, and so many more pain experiences that are zapping your energy.


The Siren Of the Hip List:

1. Feldenkrais
2. Mackenzie
3. DNS - Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization
4. Test Yourself
5. TrP - External and Internal Trigger Point Release
6. Strength Training
7.  Food, Supplements and Props
8. Hands of Others
9. Use Your Emotions
10. Give Up The Result
11. Look It Up

Siren Of The Hip Videos

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