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Welcome To How To Talk To A Man...!

If you've attended the How To Talk To A Man Masterclass, then you've seen Jeffrey Mark Levine, my husband, in action, and possibly worked with him live during the Masterclass about your unique situation.

Because there were so many questions, I asked Jeffrey to be available for private coaching for a couple of weeks - so here's your chance to work with a great male coach!

The whole idea of having a man as a coach to help you understand men in general - or a man you're with in particular - is a huge advantage.

Jeffrey is an executive coach, a Non-Violent communication expert, a Conscious Communication expert, a parenting expert - often working with men in all kinds of situations (work and personal), partners in a business gone wrong, and women stuck in difficult work environments...and a great husband.

rori and jeffrey

And you CAN ask him anything.

I've convinced Jeffrey to make himself available to you for private coaching for a couple of weeks after our How To Talk To A Man Masterclass.

So - you can ask him directly about your man, or a man you've met, or men in general - AND - he'll help you put words to your needs, thoughts and feelings - in a way that a man can HEAR!

When you're working WITH a male coach of Jeffrey's caliber, you'll get the most simple and direct way to communicate, from a man's point of view and experience - and you'll create a deeper emotional connection and attraction with a man as you're speaking your truth.

You'll love learning this from a male coach - it makes it so simple and crystal clear.


So - if you'd like to talk with my husband, Jeffrey Mark Levine, you can schedule yourself in here!

We've decided on a fee for a single hour-long session by phone - $197 - to make it both special and affordable, since Jeffrey will only be available for a couple of weeks, and only because I've asked him to! Love, Rori

You deserve personal attention for your personal situation.

There is no one else like you.

No one with your exact background, experiences, personality, needs and desires.

In Siren School, with a private coach, you'll have the Rori Raye Modern Siren Tools custom designed for you - uniquely.

Your brilliant coach, personally trained and mentored by Rori Raye, will be standing by you, with you and right behind you.

She'll hold your hand, have your back, and stay in support of you consistently and constantly.

Expect Results FAST!

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We're here for you at the beginning of "Trusting Yourself" - which is at the core of all the Modern Siren Tools.

Here how this "trust-yourself-building" happens:

As you practice the Tools with your coach - you feel challenged on a subconscious level.

You feel "triggered," and your coach is right there with you, in the safe, non-judgmental space between you, to catch the triggering and help you shift your masculine energy "reaction" to a feminine energy "response."

The moment we see your triggers and reactions in action, we quickly teach you new, fast ways to respond to your triggers!

We don't "change" you - we practice with you to change your life!

So, instead of just having the same reaction to a trigger that you've had all your life - we teach you something new!

rori rrrct

If you have any questions, or have any difficulties scheduling your session with Jeffrey - just write me here!

Love, Rori