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As you explore all the possible ways to begin getting exactly what you want and need from Siren School,

My advice is always to begin here: with The Feminine Energy Workshop, at the very tiny fee of $17 for an amazing, live experience->

The Feminine Energy Workshop!

A new Siren School Live online Workshop series with Rori Raye's top relationship coaches to help you live your life as a full-out girl - and always from your Feminine Energy.

♥ Learn New Modern Siren Tools for The Feminine Art Of Attraction

♥ Get Coached and Scripted to help solve your immediate situation

♥ Feel Empowered in your Feminine Energy, as you swim with Sirens and Rori Raye Coaches, soaking up and learning to express your Sirenity!

Learn how it works here - a full 90 minutes of Masterclass plus personal coaching in Zoom Break-Out rooms with great coaches - for only $17->

Siren Island!

Siren Island is immediate - even urgent - personal coaching with brilliant Rori Raye Coaches nearly 24/7 in writing, plus a live, interactive Masterclass/Workshop with Rori Raye every month (and access to all 60+ videos of Rori's Siren Island Masterclasses!), on the closed, private Siren Island Facebook group for only $33 each month you're on Siren Island... - PLUS, once you're a member of the Siren Island Community: You'll get access to the Siren Island  Guides, Reports, Videos, Toolboxes, and constant "dripping" of new Feminine Energy Tools and Materials!

If you've just gotten a text and don't know what to say back to him...if you're on the verge of a fight or in the middle of one...if something's happened and you need a shoulder to lean on and some support for your righteous feelings...if you need immediate Scripting - Siren Island is where you want to be:

The Siren Circle Private Coaching Program

The Circle is a live, 4 week private coaching experience - where you'll have THREE FULL hour, PRIVATE coaching sessions over video Zoom, with up to three different Rori Raye Siren School coaches PLUS - 24/7 coaching and support from brilliant coach Natalina Love over Voxer voice messaging!

You'll also have Siren School materials, "Cheat Sheets," and a new "Rori Raye Tool" to work with at each private session, as your coach/teacher nearly magically helps you "fix" your unique situation.

The Siren Circle is only $349 for your sessions and materials, and your coaches will be fresh, amazing, new Rori Raye coaches, under the supervision of Rori herself.

The How To Talk To A Man eBook!

This is an amazing book that completely aligns with all the Rori Raye Modern Siren Tools - yet comes from a man's point of view!

My husband, Jeffrey Mark Levine, is an executive coach, and communication without conflict (Conscious Communication) is his expertise...

You'll come away from this book with amazing new skills!

The Business Siren's Handbook!

We've just all been told and sold a bunch of lies...about the basics of Feminine Energy, and how those basics are not welcome in the world outside of a "woman's domain."

Lies like "You're not supposed to be emotional when you're trying to make something happen - at work, or grocery shopping, or giving a speech."

The truth is in the Handbook...

Jen Michelle's Magnetic Sensitivity eBook!

Jen's whole concept of Magnetic Sensitivity is off-the-charts awesome, original, truly healing, and amazingly effective in getting you what you want - even when you don't believe it's possible.

Jen says, "No matter how much society tells us to keep it all covered up and tied down, within the inner, “High Functioning” drive to be our best selves – we women all have an innate, deep sensitivity to everything around us."

And it's this Sensitivity you already possess (you might call it feeling "introverted" or even being a "wallflower," or "quiet...") - that feels so wrong in these fast paced times where we women are all told to "suit up" to "catch up" with men (or "beat them!")...

...When the absolute opposite is true:

The Masterclasses

From Anger To Love

- How To Use Your Righteous Rage To Make Any Man Fall More Deeply For You

Though the Live Anger To Love Masterclass is now over - you can still purchase the Anger To Love program and get:

*The Anger To Love written Manual,

*The Video and Audio replays!

Self-Love In 12 Steps!

You don't need to completely love yourself in order to have a wonderful man love you!

You'll get all the Videos and Manuals - and 4 weeks of coaching and support over live voice messaging (Voxer, WhatsApp...) with the great Mariah Grey!

The WANT Masterclass

In this first-time-ever MasterclassI'll be taking you through The 6 Steps of a brand new process - The Feminine WANT - that's a kind of "shortcut" to shift everything for you fast and easy.

How To Talk To A Man Masterclass

Meet Rori Raye's husband, Jeffrey Mark Levine, and get the incredible insights he provides in this Masterclass (along with Rori!). Not only is he a brilliant, high-end executive coach, he's now become the key to solving seemingly impossible situations for Sirens and couples (because men will talk to him!).

Stop Overfunctioning And Start Getting His Attention!

 Learn How To Stop "Doing", Overfunctioning, and Overinvesting...

...even when it seems terrible to NOT "do anything" for a man and a relationship...

...And suddenly get his attention, interest and affection.

Puppetmaster Control

Learn how you may be accidentally using "Puppetmaster Control" to wreck your love life - and, if you discover that you are:

Learn exactly what to do to fix it!


The Sex And Romance Masterclass

With Rori Raye, Mariah Grey, Debra Darlen, and Beth Ellen

Never again be afraid you've slept with him too soon...

Never again feel like you have to "get things started" or nothing will happen...

Never again find yourself "tuning out" and "in your head" when you really want to feel good...

Never again feel like you've "given too much..."

The Secrets Of Emotional Attraction Masterclass - With Rori Raye and Natalina Love

You don't have to be in expensive therapy for years.

You don't have to "fix" yourself at all!

It's not YOU that needs fixing, it's just the situation that needs fixing!

All you have to do is simply FIND yourself (and, truly, you're right here!).

You don't need an excavator, you just need a stronger and different "lens" to see through...

The Courses

Rori Raye Method Coach Training - RRCT!

It's time for you to realize your gifts, to stop seeing anyone else as "above" you - and to step out as the one your clients call "The Coach.

It's not enough anymore to work for someone else's dreams - it's time to make your own dream real...

You're already a natural coach. You know it. Your friends know it.

Now it's time for the world to know it!

The WANT Course!

It's a "shortcut" to shifting not only your OWN energy - but literally shifting ALL the energy around you...

You become a virtual magnet, at the vortex of everything around you, where all people and things are naturally drawn to you.

After 6 weeks, you'll have the hang of the WANT Process, and be using it in every part of your life with amazing results!

The SOLUTION Program

It can feel like there's never enough time.

Never enough love.

Never enough money.

Never enough happiness.

That we, ourselves, are never enough to deserve having all this time, love, money and happiness we want.

This is where Rori Raye and Jeanine Staples tackle the "Problems" and come up with "The Solution" for you->

Rori Raye Digital Programs You Can Own

A Siren is a creature so alluring that sailors would crash into rocks just to be near them.

The Modern Siren program is the basis for all things "Siren" - you'll learn how to tap into your own natural Siren power, and become so irresistible that he’ll risk everything to be with you and only you->

What if you could eliminate all the uncertainty, struggle and hopelessness from finding yourself in go-nowhere relationships, dating men who suddenly withdraw, or wondering why that one special guy isn’t calling you back?

What if the process of finding a fulfilling relationship could be not only effortless, but amazingly FUN?

Does your relationship hurt?

Are you in love with a man who is breaking your heart, putting you down, making you feel unloved, unwanted?

You don’t have to be in such pain any more. I can help you quickly determine whether your man is truly toxic for you… or if he’s actually a good guy in disguise.

Have The Relationship You Want eBook

Learn how to transform your love life – even if there’s no man at all, or he’s pulling away and you feel alone, scared and angry…

I’ll teach you simple shifts in your words and body language that help you connect to a man where it counts… his heart.

What you say and how you say it has a huge impact on the happiness and respect of your relationship. Learn word-for-word scripts to handle common relationship problems so they bring you closer and more connected, and allow you to connect deeply to his heart.

Turn your troubled relationship around no matter how bad things seem right now – and inspire him to be your perfect partner. This in-depth program helps you feel more connected, share more intimacy, and remember why you fell in love in the first place.

You can inspire your man to commit to you even if you’ve been waiting for years. Commitment is an emotional process, and men and women move through it differently. This program teaches you about these two processes, and how to align them so you can move forward TOGETHER.

Are you a mom who does it all for your kids while yearning to return to your own dreams in love? If it feels impossible, here’s how to use my “4 Secrets Of Becoming A Siren Mom” to bring breathtaking new romance… and all your dreams in love… back to life again.

Siren School Live!

"Coaching" has been around forever.

We've called it "talks" with family and friends.

We've called it "meetings."

We've called it, from the beginning of civilization, going to a "healer."

We've called it many things, and then it became a profession called Psychology, with a medical version called Psychiatry and many forms of therapeutic intervention and healing.

People everywhere now, who're natural healers, who've had amazing success in their field and wanted to help others get to the places they'd arrived at - simply co-opted the word "coaching" from the sports world.

All of a sudden a basketball or softball, or golf or tennis or ice skating "coach" seemed the greatest example of what one person could do to help another person.

And then the floodgates opened.

Coaching academies cropped up, beginning with Coaches Training Institute, or CTI, where I learned part of my craft.

The psychology profession has always looked down their noses at us "coaches" - and yet, so many of my friends are therapists, trained as counselors and possessing masters and doctorate degrees and having put in tons of hours being supervised - and they are nearly ALL now calling themselves "coaches."

There's a reason for this that's kind of crucial: Professional counseling and therapy rests on the idea that there's "something wrong." That there's something that needs to be fixed - and that that thing is deeply embedded and requires certain skills and approaches to be healed.

The thing is - there are so MANY psychological techniques, from Reichian therapy where I once screamed on floors and in swimming pools while hyperventilating to get past my iron defenses, and cognitive work, where the therapist simply helps you create new behaviors, and so many other styles, beliefs and modalities.

Still - the entire sea of how "therapy" works is different with a coach.

A coach isn't "different" from you.

A Rori Raye coach doesn't try to wear a façade of superiority called "professionalism," or create distance between herself and her clients.

We coaches give you the best service when we're utterly transparent.

You choose us to be your coach for one simple thing - we're a little bit ahead of you in the exact area you want to be really, really successful in - AND - most important, we "get" you.

And for that to happen - you need to find the coach who's an amazing fit for YOU - one who's been through what you've been through, and can tell you, teach you and coach you to get through it yourself with flying colors.

Then, there's something else: the HOW of the coaching.

These days - ANYONE can call themselves a coach. Anyone can write a book, put together a program, tell you what to do.

So - what makes a Rori Raye coach different?

Well, we do everything differently.

First - we're absolutely, totally, completely without judgment.

None of my coaches will ever tell you that what you want or what you feel is wrong.

Even if you're stuck in a situation that feels awful, is miserable on so many levels, and has you feeling trapped or desperately lonely - a Rori Raye coach will not tell you you're wrong.

She will refute your girlfriends and your family, and instead tell you exactly how she plans to help you, and lay out the Rori Raye methods for you in a way that gives you hope and motivation - right from the beginning.

And then - the surprises start.

The style of Rori Raye coaching isn't about "talk."

Instead, you'll experience feelings, learn to speak in new ways, learn about how you react in situations and learn to react differently - all of it in a quick, fun way that's more like playing around than "learning."

You will never, ever be "pushed," and yet you'll move faster toward what you want than you think possible right now - even if you have what your friends call "a bad attitude."

To help you find your coach,  I'm happy to give you an affordable way to discover her - on Siren Island, and in The Siren Circle Private Coaching Program.

To learn more about how the Rori Raye Method™ is an actual "therapeutic" method - and not simply "random coaching" based on some kind of masculine, figured out "strategy," you'll want to experience it yourself on Siren Island and perhaps in private coaching through the Siren Circle program.

The Rori Raye Method™ works so fast and permanently, because you'll be getting "results" in ways no man can understand. 

This is a completely "feminine" way of working: organic, natural, from the inside out, driven by your desire - not by anyone's brain.

Your coach (live in class as well as in private coaching) - will be focused on helping you create pure love and happiness in everything, to get you everything you've ever wanted...

Siren School is a grand adventure, and I hope to see you aboard!

To talk with me about Siren School (or if you'd like to BECOME a coach!), just write me here:

Love, Rori