Your Spiritual Siren Song

Get Everything You Want From Your Magical, Mystical Feminine

Find Your WHY, And Learn The HOW

If you've been feeling, likely your whole life, like a "overly-sensitive" woman...I know how that feels.

I've been what might be labeled a "mystic" for as long as I can remember.

Though I'm Jewish, after reading a book about a young nun - I finally discovered my leaning toward a contemplative, quiet, shut-away life.

I'm guessing that a lot of young women feel this way, especially now, when the world seems so much more harsh than it was when I was in my teens and twenties

Then, Feminism and "hippie" were already established (and fading...) "movements" and it was hard to understand anything resembling "The Heroine's Journey".

It was a call to activism, to "Woman Power" (a big part of why I prefer the word "girl" to "woman", though I use both).

It was a call to peace, love, an end to war, an end to injustice, with absolutely no way for a young woman to understand.

I was ambitious, and the women I knew (all of us actresses, singers, dancers) who were also ambitious had WAY more power, go-getter-ness, authority, strength of personality, and - yes - authenticity than I did.

I grew up professionally alongside women who're huge in the performing arts, and yet, I was stumbling around with some talent, some ambition and desire, and absolutely no anchor to myself.

I was forever bound up with men.

Love was always confused by sex, affection was something mysterious, and my attraction meter only went off with men who didn't want me.

I literally pushed away all good men who loved me.

I learned TM (Transcendental Meditation) and hung out at the ashram near me, and felt completely out of place.

Every minute, I felt in social hell - even though I was in a "mystical" environment.

It took me many years, and some huge, painful wake-up calls for me to realize how many layers of "not-me" I'd piled onto "me", and there were so many, even I couldn't find that "me".

Being a "pretend" person doesn't, amazingly, work well in love and life, but - onstage, I could be more "me" than I could off-stage.

There are so many ways into genuine "faith". Into "spiritual but not religious", and into "religious".

So many ways into the mystical, the magical, the origin of everything that can be experienced as masculine, and with our receiving of that state of being,  allowing us to be in our Feminine.

Or, we can experience it as Feminine, filled with goddesses, and align ourselves with that Feminine.

Or, we can feel into "mindfulness", and experience our own, unique sense of the undescribable and  ineffable (whether or not you believe that understanding what is now in our world a mystery is ultimately possible for us as humans).

We can experience established religions, with philosophies that can make life so much more bearable, enjoyable, liveable, hopeful.

We can rely on our intuition, instincts, seemingly magical coincidence, signs, signals, quantum physics...anything that we notice or that appeals to us and makes us feel better.

We can go with science and psychology and ethics and humanist philosophy and simply activate love and compassion.

This Masterclass is for you if you naturally lean into your mystical nature and would like to share what works for you and get help for what doesn't, and it's for you if you feel confused, frustrated, unbearably sad, and looking for a mystical, magical path to your Feminine that your masculine brain keeps refusing.

This isn't for you if you think all of this is foolish and silly, or if you wish to deny what works for anyone else.

Heather Allison will be joining me, and, together, we'll be facilitating the Feminine process of sinking into the feelings and Tools that will help you navigate the world from the deeply sensitive, deeply connected yearnings you're experiencing right now.

Love, Rori