Step-By-Step From Desire To – It’s Happening!

I just painted my mother… oh my goodness…

I was in the middle of three other paintings, and I felt nothing for working on them…then, all of a sudden I saw a black-and-white photo of my mother I’ve been saving…

I quickly clipped it up on my sketchpad and within ten minutes I had a nearly erase-free drawing I could begin with.

I transferred it (very old-fashioned lightbox method), to a piece of watercolor paper, and just started painting.

I just wanted to…just felt it.

It was on my wall in a frame by the next day… in colors I’d made up. Way more delicate than my usual style…

So… How are you living your life?

I wish to live mine moment-by-moment like this every single day.

Not just about painting, but about everything! I feel like walking my dog, I walk my dog. I feel like eating, I eat. I feel like going to a movie, I suggest we go to a movie, I feel like dancing, I dance…I want to work really really really hard writing an essay and getting sales pages and landing pages and all of that created, I begin that happening.

I want to talk to my amazing team of Rori Raye coaches on Siren School – I begin to write an email….

This is more than “freedom.“ This is operating from Desire.

Not from the big huge Desires that we can visualize and feel but then have so much trouble breaking down into little steps we can do…

This is starting from a Desire to do one tiny, simple baby step. If I had thought about the end result of this painting I never would’ve pulled out the first piece of paper. If you want to start living from here… You can.

Just a note: I’m a mother.  I remember writing, because I wanted to write at 2 in the morning. Gemma napped, I worked as a bookkeeper on my archaic computer (yellow on blue – no Windows…).

Sometimes I napped when she napped.

Most of the time: She went to sleep, I wrote. I spent time with my husband and HE went to sleep.  I wrote.

In those days, I knew NOTHING about “The Business Siren Protocols.”  I knew nothing about Desire, about Baby Steps, about getting anywhere.  I just wanted to write.

I’d ALWAYS wanted to write, and I always wrote, even though I’d assumed, because I’d never taken a Creative Writing course or done the Artist’s Way – that I had no right to.

And yet, without knowing anything, I was living from Desire.

I wanted to be with my daughter 24/7 when she was awake.  I wanted to take her to the park, hang around with her, so I quit my law secretary job and learned to be a bookkeeper from my home (my husband taught me, I read a book or two, and took a junior college class…I was always good in math, so it was easy for me, yes.

I would have stuffed envelopes from home if I hadn’t.

I would have tried phone marketing – even phone sex if I had to.  I took my daughter with me to acting auditions, and the casting directors held her (I actually GOT a commercial when she was just a few months old, and the entire family went on the shoot so I could be near her, feed her…)

I’ve been lucky.  Very, very lucky, and I’m very grateful.

Somehow, though I’m a born, natural, trained “people-pleaser doormat” – I operated from intense Desire without thinking.

It may be something else for you: fostering animals; teaching tiny little girls, and big high school girls how to have fun, stand up for themselves, and be with boys in a joyful way; sports; yoga; cooking – endless things we once called “hobbies,” that I now call Desire.

See what you’ve got!

Love, Rori

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