Take Your First Step To Stop Feeling Invisible This Way…

If you’ve ever felt, literally, invisible, you know how it can feel both yucky and “safe” – all at the same time.

Sometimes it feels good to blend into walls, to not have what you say noticed, to be in your own space with no one invading – and it also feels hugely lonely, boring and frustrating.

Because – your inner girl wants to get OUT! She wants to get expressed. She wants to feel alongside someone else, and she wants love.

If you’ve been in this place for a long while, you might feel like it would take years and years of therapy to stop feeling invisible (and you might have already put in years and years of therapy…).

I know personally that it doesn’t take years and years – it takes enough time to practice the new Tools Shahrzad will teach you, both with her in class, and as easily as you can out there in the world – baby-stepping all the way to an amazing, fast turnaround.

Shahrzad’s “Stop Feeling Invisible and Be The Center Of His Life” class begins on Wednesday, Novemer 8th, and goes for EIGHT live coaching classes on Wednesdays at 5:30pm PST, and Saturdays at 10am PST (so you can work with Shahrzad no matter where you are in the world!). Take a look at all you’ll get:

Stop Feeling Invisible here–>>


You don’t have to be “dancing on tabletops” to feel alive, vibrant, and noticed by men.

You don’t have to be an “extrovert” to be loved.

You simply have to be “you” – which is, as we all know, the hardest thing anyone can ask of us.

Yet – even tiny little steps toward that “you-ness” can make a huge difference in the results you’re getting out there in love.

Men who never noticed you suddenly will.

A man you’ve been with for awhile, even for a long while, will suddenly stop to look at you. You’ll speak and he’ll listen. You’ll know what to say to him, and he’ll do what you ask.

This isn’t something magical, even though it feels like it – it’s the Rori Raye Coaching Method, and it’s a one-of-a-kind experience.

Put that together with Shahrzad’s totally unique, kind, sweet, and loving personality and skills – and you have an extraordinary experience in 4 weeks.

Here’s Shahrzad’s letter about the class:

“Hi there, it’s Shahrzad.

Feeling invisible to a man feels so painful, so difficult, and yet it’s so common among us women.

Feeling invisible, unheard, and unloved applies to you whether you’re in a relationship and you feel like your partner doesn’t even notice if you’re there or not – or if you’re single and none of the men you’re interested in step up to give you the relationship you want.

And if you feel this way, I know you instinctively have this urge to do something about it, just like I used to.

More often than not, what your head tells you to do would actually put a dark color veil on you – an “invisibility cloak” – that makes him able to see you even less!

These are the ways that don’t work when you want to get him to pay more attention to you:

  • When you send him casual and cute texts because you haven’t heard from him.
  • When you pretend and play hard to get in order to catch his attention.
  • When you fight and give him ultimatums: if he doesn’t call you, touch you, compliment you, and spend time with you more often, you’re done.

All this is SO familiar to me – this is how I used to feel and think  in all my past relationships. I know how awful it felt to be invisible, and when I learned how to break free and become the center of his life, I decided to teach every woman that I can the same tools and principles so they can live the life of their dreams – the type of life that EVERY woman deserves.

Join me and my class in turning back the “The Invisible Woman,” and finally becoming comfortable feeling VISIBLE!!!

Go here to grab one of the 12-woman ONLY spaces for my class beginning Wednesday, November 8th 2017:


Nothing that your head tells you to do is ever helpful when it comes to creating closeness between you and the man in your life.

However, you do have an internal guidance system that’s always trying to help you take the route that WILL lead you to attracting more of his love and attention.

A route that will take the cloak of invisibility off you and uncover the real you – the you he needs to see.

That route is using your own emotional guidance system. Here’s how.

Answer the following question:

  • How does it feel when you’re the one initiating contact and he doesn’t respond the way you wanted him to?
  • How does it feel when you cook him a lovely dinner in hopes of him seeing you how great you are, and he still treats you the same the next day?
  • How does it feel when you try to get him to listen to you, and instead you see him getting all defensive and cold afterwards?

None of those scenarios would feel good to you – I am sure of it – because they never felt good to me as I did all of the above repeatedly. The common emotions that follow are feeling ignored, resentful, and even more unheard.

These feelings are your emotional guidance system telling you to please stop doing these things.

It’s repeatedly trying to make you see that the harder you try to make him see you, the more he will turn the other way.

And it wants you to know the way to make him want to see you (which might be a bit subtle) is this:

You need to stop the doing  and start being.

I know that the thought of doing absolutely nothing is really scary when your head keeps asking:” is he going to forget all about me? Is he going to look and find another woman if I don’t pop into his life more often? Is he going to think I just don’t care?”

And yet these questions are only your fear talking and they are far from the truth.

The truth is trying to convince a man to call you, see you, listen to you, and be with you, is a huge attraction killer. It makes him feel that you’re trying to cover up who you really are by working so hard to prove to him that you’re worthy of his attention.

And isn’t that exactly how you feel too? You feel all “covered up” under your cloak of invisibility as you push for more and get less and less.

I know you’re exhausted feeling so invisible and it’s time to put an end to it.

To learn new Tools and to be personally coached live by me, be heard and helped and have unlimited access to me by email throughout the course join the class today.

I feel SO excited and can’t wait to personally work with you.

Love, Shahrzad

From Rori: In Stop Feeling Invisible, you get EIGHT classes – that’s TWO live coaching classes per week, so you can come to class whenever it’s most convenient for you, no matter what time-zone you’re in.

Stop Feeling Invisible here–>>


Love, Rori

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