Tatia Dee – Certified Rori Raye Coach!

tatia home 2From Rori: Tatia Dee is a totally amazing coach – and you can find her, her fantastic “Reconnect With Your Feminine Power” free report, and her great books and programs at http://www.PowerToLove.com

From Tatia:

I feel passionate about my Feminine Power.  I’m connected to it, and I live in it moment to moment.  I never let it go or lose it in any relationship . . . Well, not anymore . . .

♥ You see, it wasn’t always this way . . . There was a time that I was DISCONNECTED from my feminine power.  ♥

I’m a very COMPETITIVE-minded New York attorneyl.  I’m a RELENTLESS entrepreneur.  I’m a natural leader.  I can be very FORCEFUL.  I can be PUSHY.  I’m STRONG minded.  I’m SMART.  I’m BEAUTIFUL, inside and out (and I know it). I’m SEXY.  I’m SENSUAL. 

But NONE of these traits triggers a man’s emotional desire for me!

That’s because all of those wonderfully strong and powerful traits are my Masculine Power.  YES All of it!  My masculine power is all about my doing stuff.  My “getting things done” and “making things happen” power.

My Feminine Power, on the other hand, is about doing nothing yet being magnetizing, alluring and mysterious.  My Feminine Power is about attracting and drawing others to me by just being me.  My Feminine Power is what triggers a man’s emotional desire for me!  I magnetize men to me by staying in my Feminine Power!

In Reconnecting With my Feminine Power I learned the necessary balance with my masculine power.  I stopped the internal power struggle and use my masculine power to do the business things I need to do, and I allow my feminine power to guide me at all other times and circumstances.

I’ve learned how to ♥ STOP the cycle of dead-end relationships ♥ STOP being involved with one toxic man/emotionally unavailable man after another ♥ STOP pushing away good men. 

I’ve learned how to be irresistible to a man, be continuously desired by him, be deeply connected with him and finally have the kind of love I want.

I’m all about helping other women do the same!  Contact me today and get started reconnecting with your Feminine Power! http://www.PowerToLove.com–>>

Tatia Dee