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You already have everything you need to claim love, romance, relationship, happiness - and the amazing ability to "get stuff done", too - as yours.

You get to live 100% of your life - including everything you "accomplish" in your unique world of work, money and success - in your Feminine Energy.


We've just all been told and sold a bunch of lies

about the basics of Feminine Energy, and how those basics are not welcome in the world outside of a "woman's domain."

Lies like "You're not supposed to be emotional when you're trying to make something happen - at work, or grocery shopping, or giving a speech."

And we ALL know that's just a lie.

The truth?:

Everyone and everything that attracts everyone and everything - for love and work (and we ALL work!) - is story-based.


And Emotions Are The Heart Of A Woman.

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Emotion is something we understand, are built to feel, and are built to communicate through.

The trick is to not only learn to access your incredible emotional "field" - but to express it in the most authentically, personally YOU way possible.

To leave out the "drama" - and beef up the emotion.

♥ Once everything in your life begins to call to you, rather than order you around...

♥ Once everything you do in your life begins as an emotional want from your Feminine Energy...

♥ Once you learn to revel in the "chaos" that's the true source of your singular, Feminine nature...

You'll discover the power you already have.

I call the many Tools you'll discover in The Handbook: "Business Siren Protocols", because we've somehow been taught to believe we need to be "different" in work situations (or grocery shopping situations, or anything that's about "getting stuff done") than the way we need to be in love and romance situations.

Well, that's just impossible.

Not one of us can "be different in different situations" anymore - it doesn't work.

We need to be ourselves at all times - and ourselves is absolutely Feminine.

We're not talking "girly" here.

We're talking sharp, shrewd, awesomely, passionately involved in whatever you take on, and learning to allow your Feminine Energy Wants and Desires to arise to your surface.

We're about allowing, encouraging, and nurturing your Feminine Wants and Desires to be spoken about in words, communicated in your body language, shared in every way possible, and accessed as the force behind every "action" you take.

The World of a Business Siren... a land where inspiration is no longer a "dead end."

Where experiencing yourself as a "dreamer" does not make you feel "actionless."

Where "coming from your Feminine" no longer means you sit where you're told to sit and stay as small as your old "comfort" rules allow.

As a Business Siren, you can "have everything you want" because you can encompass it all.

You can "hold" it all.

You can experience it all - all emotions included - and not only live to tell the tale, but expand into a new place your dreams may not have even told you about.

It's not about "balance."

It's about Expanding - and about learning to "Fall In Love" with everything about you, about your life, about the world...

...and with everything that suddenly shows up when you begin using "The Business Siren Protocols!"

Being A Business Siren looks like this:

The sound of your own heartstrings, the feel of your own inner fire, the sense of your own intuition, the experience of your own emotions becomes your compass in this world.

rori attract him

No matter how vague or dreamy the sound, feel, sense, experience of you seems at any one moment - you learn to hear it, feel it, experience it, follow it.

And most important, you learn to trust it.

You learn to trust you.

Get ready! You're on the move!

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If You Have Questions About How "The Siren Protocols" Might Change Things For You, and would just like to get some real answers by email, please write me here, and I'll get back to you quickly!  

The Business Siren's Handbook (3)

Note From A Reader:

"I love the Handbook!
It has helped me so much in my career, and I cannot thank you enough for creating it...It has completely changed the way I make to-do-lists...
...this is by far one of the best books I have bought and read in my life!!...S
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You Don't Have To Settle!

Love doesn't have to take a backseat to your work...

...and your work doesn't have to be put on hold for love.

You Can Have Everything You Want.


◊"Me Too" is making you feel so angry about your own personal story of living in a "masculine-angled world"...

... and you're feeling total outrage that it's STILL hard for you to trust a man...

◊ If it seems so hard, if not impossible, to be seen and heard and valued instead of treated like a body, like window dressing or a paper pusher...

◊ If you're surrounded by the feeling that all men somehow believe they're "in charge of you..."

◊ If you feel required to "suit up" - to follow the masculine path, systems, words and protocols in every element of your work, every day, that it's hard to even relax enough to find your Feminine Energy on a date - or even have TIME for a date, much less invest in a deep romantic relationship...

◊ If you're enduring day after day at work feeling unheard and unappreciated...

◊ If you're frustrated by the masculine "culture" you feel stuck in every day...

◊ If you find yourself struggling to be heard by your boss, your co-workers, by the world of clients and customers if you're an entrepreneur...

◊ If you're feeling stuck in your business, your job, your passion for your entrepreneurial profession...

◊ If your love life feels lost, if it feels like the opposite of your successful work life...

The "Business Siren Protocols" will help you immediately.

In The Business Siren's Handbook, you'll get Tool after Tool for changing the way you think about "Having Everything You Want" and find yourself actually believing you CAN have all of it!

It's a guide to stop the heavy thinking, heavy lifting, and heavy emotions that come with what we consider to be impossible choices.

The "Old Feminism" of my generation convinced us that all of life, for a woman, is "either/or."

Business Siren is here to tell you there's another way - the "Either AND" way...where choices are made by the moment, and nothing is ever wasted.

Choosing has always represented "sacrifice" to most of us women - and Business Siren will change all that for you.

Love, Rori