The Caterpillar Move: A New Tool For “Being Here” And Feeling Better – Video

Inch by inch…baby-step-by-baby-step….

Sounds easy…yes?

Yet, at some point, we all are hit by the feeling of losing interest.

I say it this way: “the feeling of losing interest” because it’s a unique sensation all its own:

When we “lose interest” – it feels weird and often terrible. We sense fear.

*We feel fear of losing whatever we’re inching towards;

*We feel fear of getting SO CLOSE – and then falling, or missing the mark, or failing:

*And – most important, the thing that grabs us and shakes us and causes so much pain and havoc in our lives: We feel terror of actually GETTING and HAVING what we’ve been working so hard to get and have.

This is how relationships can go, how work projets and dreams can go…any of these ways…

So: Siren Circle is where you can get private coaching from great Rori Raye coaches for a totally affordable fee: – all geared to “Solve” – as quickly as possible, whatever situation you feel stuck in right now.

Your coaches (you can work with up to FOUR different coaches, if you like!) will be able to help you re-create your baby-steps, so you won’t feel like stopping, or giving up, and can turn your fears and worries into feminine vulnerability that will actually make a huge difference in everything!

This way – you can KNOW what you want, GET what you want, and enjoy HAVING what you want without ever feeling “stuck.”

Love, Rori

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