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The amazing series of live online Workshops starring Rori Raye's top relationship coaches to help you live your life as a full-out girl - and always from your Feminine Energy - is now available to you as a video program!

Learn New Modern Siren Tools for The Feminine Art Of Attraction

Experience specific Scripting and Coaching that will help you:

*Bring In the man you want...

*Bring Closer the man you're with...

*Bring Back a man who's shut down or withdrawn...

* Solve your immediate situation...

Feel Empowered in your Feminine Energy, as you swim with Sirens and Rori Raye Coaches, soaking up and learning to express your Sirenity!

July FEW - dream relationship

The Dream!

The Feminine Energy Workshops happen live every month to help you map out your path to happy ever after.

And now you can have The Feminine Energy Workshop Bundle of the original 12 Workshops captured digitally on video (20+ hours!) - including the famous "Love Lenses" Workshop with Naomie Thompson and "Dance Of Love" Workshop with Sanaz Shiraz, and so many other stunning events with live coaching demonstrations. 

 Though I don't speak or coach at the Feminine Energy Workshop (if you'd like to work with me - that happens in Live Masterclasses, and on the 3rd Monday of every month on Siren Island ) - I was there (and continue to be!) at every Workshop, enjoying every moment, and learning along with you from Naomie Thompson, Natalina Love and Beth Ellen.

Though the fee for each Feminine Energy Workshop is $17, you can own the Workshop Bundle (20 + hours of video, 12 unique Worksheets, and the famous "Love Forever 6 Tools") for an extraordinarily affordable fee of only $133!

Many of us don't believe we deserve what can bring us pleasure, so we don't even bother to explore knowing what we want, and yet a Siren's power comes from learning to use "desire" as a skill!

Where are your desires taking you?

Love, Rori