The How To Talk To A Man
Coaching Group
Jeffrey Mark Levine

Learn To Have "High-Stakes Conversations" With A Man That Will:

*Lead you to the relationship you want... and...

*Solve the problems in the relationship you have...

Hi, this is Rori Raye, and If you're in a marriage,
committed relationship or dating situation that's not feeling the way you want it to feel...

Learn how to talk to a man - and teach him how to talk to you...

♥ Watch as he falls deeper for you, and suddenly WANTS to become a better man for you...

♥ Learn how he thinks, what he feels, why and how he chose you (and what will make him want to choose you every day of the rest of his life), what makes him want to think about your needs (instead of "checking-out"),  how to teach him to be a great life partner for you (and inspire him to WANT to be a great life-partner!) - and how it all comes down to a decision about what you deserve...

And you'll not only "hear" it all from my husband, Jeffrey Mark Levine (the author of "How To Talk To A Man") - you'll be coached, Scripted, and helped to solve your unique situation one-to-one every Saturday for 4 weeks over video Zoom, in the small (5 women only!), How To Talk To A Man Coaching Group at a truly affordable fee of only $227!

No matter what situation you're enduring right now in your love life, change can happen...and quickly.

You CAN have what you want: Devoted, committed, lifelong love, thrills, juicy physical intimacy, juicy conversations, the feeling of security, contentedness and happiness that comes with the everyday experience of being around a man who loves you.




It's not a dream, it's a reality for so many women, me included.

And, if you ask Jeffrey, you'll find out what my marriage looks like - and how you can have what I have. You'll Learn:

*...How my husband, Jeffrey Mark Levine talks to me -

*...How I talk to him, and

*...How we navigate even high-stakes situations and conversations in a way that makes our relationship deeper and happier every single day.

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What You'll Get

In The How To Talk To A Man Group Coaching Program Over 4 Weeks:

* Group coaching over video Zoom with Jeffrey Mark Levine (you can hide your camera if you like!) once-per week for 4 weeks - beginning Saturday, September 4th

* 15 minutes of one-to-one coaching with Jeffrey during each session, to solve your specific situation...

The Cost of The How To Talk To A Man Group Coaching Program is only $227 for 4 weekly sessions!

How can you possibly fix what's going wrong when:

*He's sullen, withdrawn, angry, gone missing emotionally, and slacking on his "duties" as a husband and parent...

*Everything feels too "touchy" to even talk about...

*You aren't getting your needs met, and he doesn't seem to notice or care...

*You suspect foul play...

*Instead of being concerned with your feelings, he's consumed by his own,

*Instead of being the partner you want and need, he feels more like "a piece of work..."?

*You feel more distance between you than closeness, and have no idea how to bridge the gap...?

You can.

The solution isn't what you've been taught.

All our lives, we've been trained to do the opposite of what actually works to build trust, 2-way love, and long-term romance.

Jeffrey Mark Levine will not tell you to be "nice."

Instead of hard-to-implement, and horribly transparent and ineffective "strategies" - Jeffrey will give you skills, Tools, words, and tons and tons of "Scripts" to smooth out the conflicts in your relationship.

Jeffrey's going to tell you how a man sees and feels and perceives everything we do and say - so DIFFERENTLY from how WE see, feel and perceive it!

Work with Jeffrey Mark Levine in the How To Talk To A Man group to learn how a man thinks and operates, and how to use the words he can hear - the words that will help you solve your arguments, tensions, "discussions," outright fights, and give you the words you need to ask for what you want - no matter what state or situation your relationship is in right now...

Love, Rori Raye and Jeffrey Mark Levine