The Man That Was

Live Online MasterClass


Rori Raye 
Jacqueline Rozette

Let "The Man That Was" Lead You  To Love...

On Sunday, April 16th, 2023 at 12 noon U.S. Central Time!

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The Man That Was can either block your true Forever Love so that your Forever Love has to literally "walk around" him in order to get to you... or he can live in your "Rearview Mirror" so you can Have Everything You Want.

The Primary Tool for this Masterclass is:

How to Allow The "Present" To Take You With It Into The Next Moment...


Jacqueline Rozette is one of the most unusual and inspiring women I've ever met.

Although I've personally trained Jacqueline as a coach, I've learned so much from her - and want you to have her amazing wisdom and energy to turn to whenever you need it - so the digital recordings of this Masterclass will be a treasure for you (and for me, too).

In "The Man That Was" Live Masterclass with Rori Raye and Jacqueline Rozette,

you'll get:


*A Ticket To The Live, One-Time-Only, Interactive Video Masterclass With Rori and Jacqueline

*The Man That Was Workbook

*Your own questions answered by Jacqueline and Rori Raye herself in the live "The Man That Was" Masterclass

*The Man That Was Masterclass video, audio and chat screen recordings, to download and keep forever!

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We'll help you access the power of your feelings for and about "The Man That Was" in your life - so, instead of blocking you from love, romance and relationship - he can actually ASSIST you in Encountering, fully Attracting (with your complete authenticity and vulnerability), and Building A Life with a new man and incredible love.

Love, Rori