The Puppetmaster Control Video Series

Feeling and sensing whether you crave “control” because you WANT something – OR, because you’re afraid of something…can make all the difference in your life…

Because Control not only kills stops cold the magnetic pull of everything you want in life toward you…and ends up pushing everything you want away.

In this new world – yet a world where we women still have only one model for success: the masculine model – it’s hard to even imagine how you might run a company, keep children alive, well and happy, and feel good most of the time without keeping everything in order.

Without controlling everything.

Yet, controlling everything just makes us feel squished, tight, and unhappy.

And, it doesn’t help to actually get anything done!

Here are the videos!:

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This video is about being able to tune into the difference between experiencing the “need” to Control what’s going on because you feel afraid – OR, because you WANT something! Being a Modern Siren is all about Desire – so when you WANT something – that’s great!

All you need to know is the best way to GET what you want – and Control is the least ineffective, most alienating and love-wrecking option you have.

In the video, you’ll learn how to tell the difference, and what to do in each case, and if you’d like personal help with this, Rori Raye coaches are here for you in Siren Circle Private Coaching program, here:

Love, Rori

It’s so easy to slide into masculine energy “overseer” mode when things are going wrong.

When things need to be fixed, to be smoothed over, to be all right again. Only – that only makes things worse.

Men are confusing to us because they seem to “like” attention, caring, food handed to them, sex handed to them… Yet, they then seem to get “bored” and walk away.

It’s true – they like and are happy to take what we give them – yet, are we just ‘”giving to them”? Or is it a subtle bit of “Puppetmaster Control” we’ve learned as girls since we were children – a kind of passive mastery that was once the only way we women could ever exert any power in this world?

If you see things in your love life, relationship, marriage that you’d like to “make better” – you can quickly and privately learn new ways to change the trajectory of a romance – without ever Puppetmastering – with a great coach (or up to FOUR coaches!) in the Rori Raye Siren Circle Private coaching program. Go here to learn more: Siren Circle Private Coaching program

The process of healing your emotional pain is so often exactly the same process you’d use to heal a physical injury: step-by-step.

I lay out some ideas and Tools in this video, and if you’d like to work with a coach who’s been through what you’ve been through, and can help you recover and heal quickly in new ways – try out my Siren Circle coaches privately.

They are all amazing, and each has a specialty that might be the perfect match for your situation, personality and background.

Anger is heavenly.

Our rage as women is SO righteous, so powerful, so long overdue as most of us just constantly stuff it down – and it needs to be expressed!

The thing is, we’re all like volcanoes, ready to erupt – ALL the time – and so we often don’t have even a moment to “feel into” and “mull over” how we WANT to express our rage. Instead, we usually burst, spew words, erupt…and then try to “clean up” later.

This video can help you PREPARE for expressing your anger (since most of us are carrying it around just under the surface so much of the time) – and give you words to actually EXPRESS your feelings, instead of turn them on someone else – like Puppetmaster. Using our deep, incredible feelings to “control” a situation, or our men – like a Puppetmaster – won’t help us get what we REALLY want: Love!

More Scripting!

Most of the time, we don’t even notice when we’re trying to control a man or a situation – because we’re being so “nice”!

We feel like we’re just “asking” for something – yet, if you’re feeling “push-back” from a man, chances are there’s something else entirely underlying your current words and ‘vibe” – and that’s a Desire to “Control” him.

A man can SMELL “Control” from a mile away, and a lot of the time, he experiences completely “benign” things we might say or do as “controlling.”

Some men are just more sensitive than others – so you’ll want to to watch for if you’re finding yourself “on eggshells” all the time, or if his “sensitivity” serves you in other ways that make it worthwhile to honor by being even more conscious of the words you use.

If it’s eggshells – there might be something toxic and not serving you here. AND – learning how to talk to a man WITHOUT ANY even “hint” of “Control” is ALWAYS a fabulous skill!

It feels so FREEING to YOU! (And to him!)

We women have all been taught to be nice.

We also all know what it’s like to HATE that “nice,” and HATE the “rules” that make it so much harder for women to be anything BUT “nice” – and yet, “nice” has been the ONLY “workaround” we’ve learned that even begins to address getting our wants expressed and our needs met.

If you feel stuck in the “nice” – and frustrated that “nice” doesn’t even WORK! – here’s a new way to look at where Puppetmastering comes from and how to break the strings!

You’re not alone if you’re attracted to (and attracting!) “edgy,” “complex,” “difficult” men who make having a relationship a slow, frustrating, often painful experience.

It all has to do with “Puppetmaster Control” – and the simple reality that difficult men are harder to control – and that we CRAVE relief from our need to control!

In this video, you’ll learn a whole new idea – instead of trying to “fix” your accomplished Puppetmastering, you can slowly learn how to give up the “control” and put down the “Control Bar” with an “easy” man!

Love, Rori

If you’d like a new way of getting everything in your life moving toward you – without all the effort you’ve been taught to put out – and of actually experiencing everything you want finally happening for you: brilliant Rori Raye coaches are here for you, for private coaching plus 4 weeks of 24/7 coaching and support by voice messaging Voxer or What’s App – in the Siren Circle Private Coaching program->

The Siren Circle coaches will help you with your unique, even urgent situation – right now – while teaching you new Rori Raye Siren Tools you’ll be able to access and use forever.

You deserve – just because you’re a woman (yes, I believe you’re entitled) – to be happy.

You get to have what you want, you get to feel good inside, and the Free Siren Challenge will give you some new ways to make that happen quickly, effortlessly, gracefully, and with completely Feminine Energy.

The Siren Challenge is 7 Days of emails, direct to your inbox, plus a very pretty PDF version you can instantly download! – So please let me know where to send it!:

Take the Free 7-Day Siren Challenge!

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The Challenge will give you an “Assignment” for each of 7 Days.

The “Instructions” will tell you how to “Practice” the Assignment both “on your Inside” (your Inside would be what’s going on in your head, your emotions, your body…) – AND “on your Outside. (The “Outside” would be the world and all of “existence….”)

You’ll be practicing the Assignment on both your Inside and Outside at the same time.

There’s no “order,” no “procedure.”

You’ll practice however you like, however you feel – AND – the INSTRUCTIONS are CLEAR, and step-by-step.

The idea here is to bring your desires to the front!

To find out what moves you, uniquely, and bring that forward.

You’ll begin to notice what your WANT is in every given moment, and begin to trust and follow that WANT.

You’ll begin to move from your inner Feminine.

You’ll begin to recognize the difference between feeling compelled by heady, masculine thinking (figuring things out, deciding what’s “best”), and feeling genuinely inspired from your organic, chaos-driven, feeling-based Feminine.

You’ll begin to feel how your natural Inspiration moves through your Feminine Feeling Self in a way that simply moves your feet forward, opens the awesome creative pipes coursing through your body and mind, bypasses all orders, training and conditioning from masculine “civilization,” and creates an environment for you where you feel propelled by a cloud of your own desire.

This Siren Challenge is both your introduction to the Rori Raye Coaching Method, and a quick, jammed-with-powerful-self-coaching assignments way for you to try it out in your personal, unique situation.

In case you’re not familiar with my version of the Siren legend, and why we’re all on “Siren Island” – it goes this way:

You’re a Siren on Siren Island, singing happily, joyfully, effortlessly, in the company of many Sirens. Men sailing by hear your song, are mesmerized, turn their boats around, head straight for you and Siren Island, crash their boats on the rocks, climb up the steep cliffs to get to you ….and instead of grotesquely murdering them (as in the legend) – you live happily ever after with the man you choose.

How The Rori Raye Live Coaching Method Works:

First – it’ll feel new and different.

I’ve never encountered any kind of therapy or coaching quite like it, nor have my coaches (even the therapists and coaches who come to RRRCT to learn to become Rori Raye Siren Coaches).

It’s highly theatrical and dramatic, and comes from my years as an actress and director, along with my 20 years of personal therapy (yes, you may have seen me screaming and sobbing my way down an imaginary birth canal between groups of men and women in a swimming pool, “rebirthing” myself), and my official Training in coaching and many therapy modalities.

With all of that, it’s my acting and directing background that’s enabled me to put together the Rori Raye Siren Method in a way that other coaches can LEARN.

It’s so based in artistry and intuition, you’d think it would be unteachable – yet, year after year, new coaches go through RRRCT (Rori Raye Relationship Coach Training) and come out 22 weeks later with abilities you will marvel at.

Every Rori Raye Siren School Coach will work with you in the same way, with the same Method, yet her unique personality and background will resonate with you when you meet “your coach.”

What we do in Siren School and on Siren Island, what makes us so different, is that we work from your Inside OUT – AND from your Outside IN.

All at the same time!

* This looks like “Inner Feeling Steps” that dramatically change what EVERYONE out there sees and feels about YOU.

Your entire OUTSIDE “vibe” shifts.

At the same time, we combine “Outside Steps” (like the words you use, your body positioning, Circular Dating) that quickly change how you FEEL on your INSIDE.

This way, changes on your Inside constantly shift your Outside, and those changes on your Outside shift your confidence and good feelings on your Inside.

Everything gets better all at once.

* At the same time, we help you expand what might seem like another set of opposites:

Your “Warmth” – which is about your openness, willingness to be seen and exposed as vulnerable; AND

“Distance” – which is the deliberate sense of space YOU set up in every interaction, at every moment, with everyone and throughout your relationship.

Distance is what allows you to feel safe being vulnerable, feel sane without an iron-clad relationship commitment, and effortlessly create the safety and thrills a man needs in order to commit to emotional intimacy.

Warmth is what invites, welcomes and draws in a man no matter what you’re feeling, or what’s going on.

The core of “Warmth” is Feeling Messages, which we not only teach you – but SCRIPT you personally as you go along and get used to this new language.

The core of “Distance” is Circular Dating, which, as you’ll learn in this Siren Challenge is NOT about “dating” at all!

How The Challenge Is Actual Live Coaching For You:

The 7-Day Siren Challenge will get you used to how FAST you’ll get new results.

It’ll get you used to the idea of “practicing” as a “process” – instead of being in your masculine “head” all the time trying to figure things out and make things happen.”

It’s SO easy for coaches and experts and therapists to “tell” you how to “act,” “what to do,” “how things should be…” “What would be good for you…”

And yet – it’s the “doing” of these things that’s so difficult for all of us.

It’s difficult because we’re all so different!

That’s where LIVE coaching comes in.

This is where a Coach who “gets” you – and can “see” things that are so hard for any of us to see from so close up – comes in.

Everything you discover and learn in the Siren Challenge is yours for free, and I look forward to hearing how each day’s Assignment works for you!

Take the Free 7-Day Siren Challenge!

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Love, Rori

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