The Puppetmaster Control

Live Masterclass With Rori Raye!

Learn how you may be accidentally using "Puppetmaster Control" to wreck your love life - and, if you discover that you are:

Learn exactly what to do to fix it!

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Though the Masterclass is now over, you can still have the full 3 1/2 hour Masterclass video and audio recordings, plus the written Puppetmaster Manual and Worksheets - AND - get your personal questions answered!

Just reply to any of the email letters you'll get when you sign up, write out your question and situation - and I'll get back to you!

Love, Rori

Feeling and sensing whether you crave “control” because you WANT something – OR, because you’re afraid of something…can make all the difference in your life…

Because Control not only kills stops cold the magnetic pull of everything you want in life toward you…and ends up pushing everything you want away.

In this new world – yet a world where we women still have only one model for success: the masculine model – it’s hard to even imagine how you might run a company, keep children alive, well and happy, and feel good most of the time without keeping everything in order.

Without controlling everything.

Yet, controlling everything just makes us feel squished, tight, and unhappy.

And, it doesn’t help to actually get what you want!!!

If the first Puppetmaster video -  below - rings a familiar bell for you, this Masterclass may be the place to get your own unique situation finally "fixed."

In the Puppetmaster Control live Masterclass, you'll get your personal questions answered by Rori Raye herself - AND get live, real-time coaching with her to solve your own unique situation.

What you'll get in the Masterclass program, for only $97:

  1. 90 minutes LIVE with Rori Raye over video Zoom, where you'll get your personal questions from the Zoom "Chat Screen" answered and addressed - perhaps even solved... AND - you'll have the opportunity to get coached, live, during the Masterclass.

2. 50-page written Manual created by Rori herself from all 7 Puppetmaster videos

3. Worksheets to fill out and email to Rori! - you'll get an answer back from coach Natalina Love (the brilliant Director of Siren School) or another amazing Rori Raye coach.

Because you'll have access to all 7 videos and the written Puppetmaster manual before the Masterclass, Rori will keep her presentation short - and, instead, focus on coaching you live and answering questions.

If, for any reason you're not able to attend the Masterclass live, or don't feel that your question got fully addressed by Rori - you'll be able to get private attention and answers by emailing your worksheets and questions directly to Rori!