Workshop Containerizing

If you're finding yourself stuck - almost "lost" in all the "weeds" and pieces of your entrepreneurial business workday - learn new Rori Raye Boss Babe Systems!

These systems literally keep your brain from freezing with overload, keep you moving through piles of "to-do" bits and pieces - and these  Systems and Structures are all different for you uniquely...

The systems work differently for you depending on what your personal style is, how you like to move along, whether or not you're a visual person, whether you like to work in writing, or prefer to talk or video.

Not only are they different for you personally, they're different depending on the tasks you have before you, the "end experience" you're looking for, and how your stress lives in you.

If you're holding everything in your brain, Containerizing will completely change the way you "do" things - and reduce your stress level to a consistent "low".

If you're attempting to "multi-task" this will teach you how to simply "shift focus" - so that you always feel like you're getting stuff done, yes; taking care of things, yes - yet also taking care of you, your mind, body and soul by actually living every moment in a way more fun way