Hi, this is Rori Raye, and if you're a  therapist, a coach, a healer using any therapeutic modalities in addition to your own moxie and ingenuity - and you're a woman wanting to help your women clients move from distress in their love and work lives to happiness and a committed romantic relationship (and do it in a completely new, theatrical and artistic way)...

Perhaps The Rori Raye Method Might Be The New Answer You're Looking For...

Yes, I'm a coach, not a licensed therapist.

And though it might then seem that I should be talking about "coaching methods" - I'm actually talking about a new, completely original (if there is any such thing) therapeutic method.

A method that requires your flair for theatricality, drama, and a desire to be transparent and seen as a peer to your clients, rather than as a superior. 

This is an end to transference as you may have been trained - and yet, The Rori Raye Method isn't at all about "strategy."

In fact, we pretty much ignore any kind of lecture, advice-giving or information disseminating.

In the 5 years of training "coaches" in RRRCT, Rori Raye Relationship Coach Training, I've discovered that therapists have the hardest time learning The Rori Raye  Method, and actresses have the easiest.

Why? Because most psychological training is heavy on the "why." It's focused on intervention for crises situations, rescue from nervous system breakdowns, depression and anxiety syndromes, and uncovering deep trauma formations.

And yet, most everyone out there has some - or ALL of these to some degree! We ALL have PTSD. And, ALL women have suffered and endured, as we're finally seeing coming forward in the news, intense mistreatment, misjudgment, unfairness, and a holy hell of sexual conflict based on everything from religion to men's power moves over the whole of civilization, combined with our own natural, God-given sexual desires.

Add that to my Modern Siren philosophy that the origin of the cosmos is feminine.

That Chaos itself, the beginning, is feminine in its emotional bursting forth and expanding - and that what you see in front of you in a client session is a hugely powerful being who has no idea what she's capable of.

You see a woman who only sees what she's been taught and allowed to think, feel, do and want.

Psychology is, historically, in my opinion, a masculine field of science. It is about the mind.

New psychological techniques focused on the emotions and "getting it out" - from Reichian Therapy (and "Rebirthing," a new-age update of which I was once a practitioner), The Journey, numerous plate-breaking, screaming in padded cells, battaca-swinging ideas that are now often debunked and proved ineffective, to newer "cognitive" methods that rely on creating new behaviors, to "affirmations," to Mindfulness and more Eastern meditative techniques...all work for some people.

And then there've been the relationship experts: Harville Hendrix, John Gottman, and tons of exceptional books (Trusting You Are Loved" by Lew Epstein is one of my favorites).

There are a few lone woman in that pantheon, culminating with the great Pat Allen, who speaks of the dynamic between men and women, between masculine and feminine "energy."

And still - the "HOW" has never been fully addressed in a way anyone can understand.

The Raye Method is the "therapeutic" HOW - and it uses the Tools and Techniques of my Modern Siren programs.

The body of work you'll have available as an RRRCT graduate is larger, covers more ground, and is wholly specific in instructions for the woman working with them than any other modality I've ever come across. 

In books alone, there's Have The Relationship You Want, Surrender To Love, Navigating Love, Make Him Fall For You plus the entirely of the RRRCT Manual, plus hundreds of hours of video demonstrations.

If I were to put The Raye Method into sound bytes, it would be: "Cinematic Therapy":  using imagination, role-playing, psychodrama juggling, and the client's subconscious to create fast and lasting change.

If you know nothing about me, you may want to google Rori Raye and read all my articles, blog posts, and sales pages from the many self-coaching "Modern Siren" programs available under the Have The Relationship You Want brand.

The whole of my work adds up to a method a woman can use - all on her own - to create change in her life and love life.

The only thing missing was someone to stand with her in her real life and help her USE the Tools and self-coaching in my programs - because the Modern Siren Tools are completely counter-intuitive and go against what every woman has been taught since birth.

Telling a person what they could do to feel better, make better choices, and get better results has minimal effectiveness.

Marriage counseling has a huge failure rate, hardly any couple actually goes through it "together."

Sex therapy has its place, but is based on dynamics that are all from an inner world most therapies can't break into.

When you talk with people who've succeeded in real change, they usually are in a 12-step program.

Or, someone once said something to them, or modeled something in their own lives, that stuck.

People change old behaviors when they finally learn a new behavior that works better.

And Feeling better is not necessarily the thing that "works better."

When self-punishment, or getting punished by others is, in fact, the coveted subconscious reward, all the delving in the world can't scratch the surface.

So - how can a coach trained from scratch in only 22 weeks create change in a client in her first month of coaching?

Because The Raye Method not only respects and borrows from every therapy that's gone before - it adds a completely new element: Experience.


The Rori Raye Method draws from so many:

Shirley Luthman, Shakti Gawain, Merle Shain, Thich Nhat Hahn, Elizabeth Virmilyea, Peter Levine...anything I've ever read (and experienced in my own journey through psychotherapy over 30 years) - just as you have in your own Training.

And, it draws mostly from my training as an actor, along with my years as a live stage director, often working with teenagers.

I guessed that if a coach/therapist was able to interact with a client in the way an improv actor interacts with another improv actor - a lot more would come up from the subconscious than would show up in a "talk" session - or even a "battaca-bashing" session, EFT, or nearly anything else I've tried myself.

In my days as an actress in a psychodrama troupe - one of the most fabulous experiences of my life - I saw it happen. 

I saw people come up from the audience, and surrounded by actors playing out every voice in their head, every influential person who passed through their minds on stage, the visceral experience was so powerful, real change occurred.

They came to the theater looking for fun, and then their jaws dropped.

Most important, their hearts opened.

They had an experience.

We're used to considering "life-changing experiences" as near-death experiences, catastrophic events that change our perceptions of life.

We're used to considering "hitting rock bottom" as a motivator, and that "following your dreams" is a very hard thing for our conflicted "egos" to get around.

The Rori Raye Method literally bypasses all of those old contentions (no matter how "scientific-sounding") - while "catching" all the "Spiritual Bypasses" and other "ignoring" tactics we'e been taught to do.

As women - this "excusing and ignoring" has been a part of our lives since day one.

The Rori Raye Method has to be demonstrated - in fact, you have to participate in the demonstration! - for you to "get" how it works.

That's why it costs $7500 to be trained by me and brilliant RRRCT Master Coach Teachers, and why I can't lay it out for you here, or put it in a book - instead you'll find pieces and bits of the "how to" published in journals and here on CoachRori.com.

We have to meet, and we have to be able to see each other over Skype or Zoom.

If you like adding new modalities to your practice, and you've read and watched enough of my "Modern Siren" work and would like to get as great and fast results with your female clients as the coaches I've trained do - let me know, schedule a session with me, and we'll talk face-to-face together.

I can give you these visuals: Imagine having an experiential place to go with your client, while keeping her "in a scene" with her husband, boyfriend, date, or a man she'd like to meet. Imagine her having an experience with the chords that are binding her body and heart up tight, with whatever might be blocking her ease in reciving love, whatever makes her so angry.

rori green

Imagine you literally "putting new words in her mouth" so that the words she speaks begin to say the truth of what she feels, instead of the old behaviors and tricks of what she "thinks."

Imagine seeing your client becoming more and more "present" and confident just by placing her in triggering situations and having the skills and fortitude to take her through the triggers in a new way - in words, body language, thoughts and feelings.

Imagine seeing your client expanding outward instead of losing up - automatically.

Imagine "vulnerabilty" become a lovely word instead of something terrifying.

Imagine your client actually feeling what "soft" means instead of trying to understand it, and being able to create that sensation at will.

Imagine not having to give advice or strategize, or hold back your own instincts. 

Imagine not having to "hold together" - and instead just get comfortable one step ahead of your client because you've been trained.

Imagine truly ending all "judgment" of your own, and allowing your client to live, when she's with you, in a world of total acceptance and appreciation.

The Rori Raye Method combines developing a Philosophy of existence (yes), with Tools to quickly, on call, create new responses to old cues on every level of body, mind, emotion, spirit.

It's NOT a theory. We all know what's "underneath." You've been trained to know that your client is angry even though she's smiling. You've been trained to know that she's terrified when she lashes out. You know she's lost when she seems sure of herself. And yet, the turning around of that has been the "hot-to" of therapy from the beginning.

If you're interested in something new, highly theatrical, dramatic, fun, endearing and incredibly effective for your female clients, talk with me and see if The Rori Raye Method is for you.

Please write me here, and I'll get right back to you to schedule a time for us to talk...

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