If You're:

*Feeling "out of sorts", have almost stopped trusting anyone or anything - most importantly, stopped trusting yourself - and want to get back on track (or truly on track for the first time!)...

*In the middle of a horrible decision between two really bad options...

*In the middle of a break up of a relationship, a business or a dream you had...

*Feeling like you've lost your sense of direction, can't find your "goals", wants and dreams anymore, and can't move out of the stuckness of your day-to-day...

"The Solution Program" will help you - right now!

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It can feel like there's never enough time.

Never enough love.

Never enough money.

Never enough happiness.

That we, ourselves, are never enough to deserve having all this time, love, money and happiness we want.

This is where Rori Raye and Jeanine Staples tackle the "Problems" and come up with "The Solution" for you.

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If you follow Rori or Jeanine (or both!) you know that they see things and talk about things in a different way than most "gurus" out there.

They give out hope, direction, Tools...

...and at the same time, are totally transparent about their own journeys and paths.

You get to hear the truth of where they once were, with all the horror, misery and stuckness you might be feeling, too...and then

Learn not only how they got where they are, but how they still sometimes get into stuck and unhappy places even now - and how they get out of those icky places and into "Movement" again.

Which is why Rori and Jeanine call their Solutions: "Movements."

Here's What You'll Get In The Solution Program, for only $97:

12 extraordinary, video recordings, with both Jeanine and Rori in close conversation, working out specific solutions for you.


A complete, yes, extraordinary!, book-length written "The Solutions" Manual - full of so many fresh ideas, directions, and Tools you can use, right now, to:

*Change whatever's going on in your life right now that isn't feeling good,

*Help you make difficult decisions,

*Deal with your natural fears,

*Find the big picture,

*Solve whatever problems are attaching themselves to you, and...

*Feel so much happier in the moment you're in.