The Top 5 Things That Are Holding You Back From Love

Hi, This is Rori, and these may be the 5 things holding you back from lifelong love …

1. Urgency

Urgency happens when your boy energy – your inner Knight in Shining Armor – is going unemployed. He’s foundering. You’re giving him nothing to do.

The Solutions :

*Adopt a new Mantra – “I have all the time in the world…”

*Circular Date (remember – it’s not about “dating” – it’s about “free therapy”!) to keep your sanity, to continually remind yourself that there are so many different and amazing people all around you out in the world, to allow you to sink into your deeper feelings, whatever they are (even if they don’t feel good, learning to fall in love with every feeling you feel is the most healing thing you can do for yourself…)!

*Find and experience (yes – let your inner boy “DO”) the things that create passion in you – artistic things, creative things, volunteer activist things…

*Give your inner boy a task that’s meaningful, complex and will get RESULTS!

What happens now is – the urgency fades!

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2. NOT doing Circular Dating properly.

If you’re actually dating: Not doing Online Dating properly technically – with a good photo and profile, and knowing how to handle the emails, calls and “first meetings/dates.”.

And if you’re in a relationship: Not allowing yourself to be 100 percent open to every man who shows up in your space – wherever you are – and using that opportunity to practice the Tools.

This is something your inner boy will grab onto with all his teeth if you really assign the job to him!

It’ll be a true “solution” if you really allow yourself to feel inspired by the idea of preparing to have the love you want, to rekindle the love you have, to fix whatever’s going sour right now through circumstances you can’t control.

Circular Dating can open up your heart, move your body from a stuck place to a fluid place, create a desire for love, and give you learning experiences you just can’t get any other way!

Let your inner boy get you out into the world!

3. Deciding your Biography is your Destiny

Just because it happened to you, just because you or he did or said “that” – no matter how many times – doesn’t mean it has to happen again. It doesn’t mean you have to “go through that” again.

You get a fresh start every moment.

Go watch the film Groundhog Day (again!). It illustrates the process of learning by baby-steps.

It may take you a thousand false starts and dead-ends to learn where the best next step is for you…and it might take you one day.

The thing is – if you don’t take it one day at a time, one moment at a time, if you try to leap ahead (the way Bill Murray does in many of his days) – you’re guaranteed to be inauthentic.

And nothing really works when you’re not being authentically who you are – however you are. Most important – who really knows who we are? So the process of authenticity is a process of discovery, too…

No leaping! Baby-step-by-baby-step!

4. Seeking to be in charge of LIFE and by so doing stepping down from being in charge of YOU

Here you succumb to the tyrant voices inside your own head and you make them real.

Here, you believe God, The Universe, The “Truth” is speaking to you through your tyrant voices – and yet, our inner voices are all so truly love-starved and frightened, they cannot be the voice of God, The Universe, The Truth.

Instead, Listen to your inner voice. The one you hear when you feel at peace, when you feel “good,” when you feel “different,” when you feel serene. When you sink into a feeling you have and all of a sudden you feel “rooted.” You feel “here.”

5. Trying to heal yourself inside by conquering instead of loving yourself.

If you don’t like the way you feel, or the way you acted, or what you said, or what you thought…the solution is to Fall In Love with it all: With the way you feel, the way you acted, what you said and thought – including all the thoughts and feelings that scream how much they don’t LIKE any of it!

If you punish and beat on yourself, what’s out there will punish and beat on you, too…because, really, that’s the direction you’re giving the “out there.”

You have to feel your way through each step along the way

Blame maybe entirely useless – and yet, along with shame and guilt, they’re all still parts of YOU! If we don’t Fall In Love with all those “useless” parts of ourselves, blame and shame and guilt end up running us from the inside.

Make it your business to become aware of how blame, shame and guilt are operating inside you and making you do and say what you do and say on the outside.

And instead of blaming, shaming and guilting yourself even more for what happened, what you did and said and everything else – including how you feel – instead of trying to conquer all that…just love it as it is.

Accept how it happened. It happened.

Don’t try to undo what’s been done – instead – focus on being AWARE of what happened, how you felt, what’s going on with you, and love the idea of undoing the pattern that makes things repeat themselves.

Be a detective of you.

I know how challenging it is to “stop” judging ourselves.

I am aware of my inner desire to judge myself all day long – and yet, I have the Tools and practice to turn that around every time it comes up into something else that feels better – and effortlessly, seamlessly.

Sometimes, all it takes to change the results your getting is to have someone there with you, holding your hand, listening to you – really HEARING you – and specifically, in a step-by-step, instructive way, giving you the Tools you need to easily, gracefully and effortlessly get what you want in love.

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Love, Rori

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