Bring Him In...
Bring Him Back...
and Bring Him Close...!

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As you watch:

1. Follow right alongside the woman being coached.

2. Work with each coach just as if she's working with YOU...!

Answer each question, speak aloud what she "Scripts" you to say, move your body as she requests, "look for" the feeling inside you she prompts you to look for, "do" the Tool she's teaching...

See if you can feel the "shift" inside you as you learn new Tools with each  coach...

3.See what feels like the strongest desire inside you:

*To be coached, to "fix" your romantic situation, to see change all around you - OR,

* Do you somehow feel yourself yearning to BE "The Coach"?

Whatever it is you're feeling drawn to...let me know!

Just write to me in the "Contact Form" - and I'll get back to you, quickly, with answers.

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What You'll Learn On The Siren Circle Coach-A-Thon

If you're:

*... finding yourself at sea over a man, or over the lack of the true love, affection, laughing, ease and tingles in your life, we'll help you find your "feet." You'll get Tools and specific, baby-step-instructions to feel better and "Bring Him In..."

*...finding yourself chewing at your own self-esteem, constantly making yourself wrong at every turn and feeling lousy about decisions you make - we can help you get back on the self-love train (where he wants you to be!)

*...feeling discouraged and maybe even angry that 2018 didn't go the way you wanted - and worried that 2019 will be more of the same...

Truly - everything can be different for you.


So many women all over the world have turned their love lives around with the Rori Raye Tools, and you aren't an exception! 

In Siren Circle, you'll get LIVE coaching help to use Modern Siren Tools custom-desiged for you, your personality and background, and your unique situation - to turn things around for you, too!

Everything is always about your "vibe."

The "Law Of Attraction" doesn't,  for me, "work" - for so many reasons, but, mostly because it feels CONFUSING to our brains.

Yet, "Baby-Step" Tools DO work, and fast, because they work WITH our brains, our old patterns - even our defense systems, so we can kind of "slide" by our natural "resistance" to change.

Yes, we all absolutely resist even GOOD change. We instinctively and automatically push away good stuff because it feels "different" to our inner defense systems.

The Rori Raye Tools and coaching techniques fix that, flat out.

The idea is to "shift" your vibe in a way that ramps up your natural attractiveness.

The "shift" raises your attractiveness, ever so slightly and non-dramatically, to a new level where nearly any man is attracted to you - no matter WHAT you've thought about yourself in the past.

And - it's not even about CHANGING anything in yourself!

It's about "shifting" the way you see yourself, speak to yourself, and generally act around yourself that makes all the difference - and you don't have to do anything "perfectly,"  or be bound by any "rules"!

There is absolutely nothing in the world as fast and results-getting as working with a great coach using the Rori Raye coaching method for even 5 minutes.

You'll get "got" incredibly fast..and you'll be in a space, for once, with absolutely NO judgment.

Everyone out there who's in the business of helping us "fix" ourselves cannot help but impart judgment that we're not alright right now. That we NEED to be fixed.

In The Rori Raye Method - we're not trying to "fix" you.

Instead, we're absolutely going to help you fix your situation!

We don't believe there could possibly be anything "wrong" with you - or even with what you're doing!

What we care about is getting you what you want! And, for that - all the "strategies and tactics" in the world won't work.

Game playing, superficial "changes" - they're useless.

So, what we do in Siren Circle is just help you fall in love with whatever it is that's going on now. Each moment.

It's hard to imagine, I know, and it's hard to do on your own, too - because we're so used to noticing every potential "mistake" we make.

With a coach who's got skills, great intuition, and an artful, creative sense of who you are and what you want, everything just shows up to help you get what you want by just being who you are.

And - as we all know - being who we are is the greatest challenge we each face.