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Love, Rori

Most coaches these days find themselves steeped in the business of doing business, rather than in the joy of doing what they feel meant to do....and WANT to do: Heal people, mend broken relationships and have an amazing, financially successful and emotionally fulfilling "job".

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The Rori Raye Method™ Coach Training pays an incredible amount of attention to making sure you don't fall into that trap.

That, instead, you START successsful.

That every week you work one-to-one with a Rori Raye Method™ Master Coach Teacher you feel even MORE sure that you're meant to do what you started out to do.

If being a professional coach, or adding the Rori Raye Method™ to your coaching toolbox tickles your heart even a bit, just let us know.

The info page and contact boxes are below...

Love Rori 

Become A

Feminine Energy Coach

And Create Your Own Successful Coaching Business

In 6 Months Or Less…

With Rori Raye As Your Mentor

Join me in this intimate,

one-of-a-kind experience...

where me and my Master Coaches will mentor you for 6 months and give you all the skills, Tools and confidence you need to become a successful Feminine Energy coach, even if you’ve never coached before...

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Does This Sound Like YOU?

♥ Do you dream of creating your own business where you make a big impact in the lives of others?


♥ Are you longing to have total financial and time freedom because you set your own hours and rates?


♥ Are you tired of the corporate rat-race and being stuck in a soulless, fluorescent-lit cubicle where you have to stuff your feminine nature down? 


Does the hustle, grind and constant need to prove your worth make you feel stressed, anxious and overwhelmed?

Do you ever feel like you were meant for so much more… if only you knew what and how to get started?


Or, do you currently have your own business – maybe you’re a coach, therapist, masseuse or nutritionist – but you lack direction, struggle to get clients, or feel overwhelmed with marketing and all the techy things that are causing a bottleneck in your business?

If you can relate to any of the above, you’re in good company.

So MANY women in today’s world identify with one or many of these...

...and find themselves longing to listen to the voice deep inside that keeps whispering: 

“I feel like I’m destined for more...

...I want a career that feels like ME and that lights me up!”

So let me paint you a different reality…

Imagine having a career that's so soul-satisfying and so well-suited to your passions and interests that it doesn't even feel like “work”...

It feels more like a calling, a personal mission, a higher purpose...

...where you're constantly feeling energized by what you do and gratified knowing you’re making a difference in the lives of other women. 

Women you can relate to and understand on a very deep level as they’re experiencing similar struggles as you in their love lives, with their emotions and self-esteem.

And just for a minute, also imagine:

Being free from worries over job security or the stress of corporate politics

Getting paid what you’re really worth

Having complete agency over your life

Setting your own hours

Calling the shots

Working with people you want to work with

Working wherever and whenever you want

No longer being limited by what others think you should be doing with your time or creativity...

♥ ...and so much more...

(Little-Known Facts About YOUR Greatest Gifts And Why The World Needs Them Right Now!)

Perhaps you’ve dreamed of the above career many times… especially after seeing all those entrepreneurs and coaches you envy living your dream life on Instagram.

But despite you wanting a change so bad, you’ve not known where to start.

Or maybe you’re really scared of taking that big leap… because you’re worried you might fail, or of what others might think. 

Or maybe you’re already a coach, but you struggle with the “business” side of things or you’re not as confident in your skills as you’d like to be.

But despite all of these very common obstacles, I’m willing to bet that there’s something you’ve noticed about yourself:

You’re someone others often feel comfortable sharing their innermost thoughts and feelings with. 

When your girlfriends, family or even female colleagues come to you for advice, you love being able to help them in return.

You can often “see” their blindspots and what’s standing in their way when they can't. 

You’re a good listener. You don’t judge or criticize. You empathize. 

You “get” what they’re going through.

For example:

You understand why they always fall for the unavailable guys...

Or why they’re too scared to ask for that well-deserved raise at work...

And why their need to control things is draining the passion from their relationship and pushing their guy away

Do you know what this means?

It means You’re a Natural Coach.

You have a special gift that’s greatly needed in the world right now.

And, as you’re reading this, I’m guessing that when it comes to relationship advice and the power of feminine energy, you believe in the power of my Rori Raye Tools. 

Like how to get a man to sit up and take notice of you when he’s been distant or withdrawing.

Or how to turn around a dysfunctional relationship when you’ve almost given up hope.

Or how to magnetically attract the man of your dreams, and without having to “chase” him.

Maybe my Tools have completely transformed the way you approach relationships, and you're positive they can do the same for other women...

What If YOU Could Become A Successful Feminine Energy Coach In 6 Months Or Less… Even If You’ve Never Coached Before?

What if I provided you with ALL the knowledge, skills, resources, and training you would ever need to build an exciting career that feeds your soul… AND generates the income you need to live comfortably?

Or, if you’re already a counselor or healer, what if you could enhance your practice with my  Tools so you could help your clients unlock the power of their Feminine Energy so they can radically improve their love lives, self-esteem and careers?

And what if you could experience this in 6 months or less… and never feel lost or stuck in the process because you’d be personally guided BY ME and my rockstar Master Coaches every step of the way?!

You’d know – step-by-step… and not just with the coaching skills, but with all the tech stuff, marketing, finding clients and distinguishing yourself from other coaches...

…even if you know zero about any of this right now.

I Started The Same Way You’re Starting - With Just A Dream

I started with just an inkling. A longing in my soul.

Sometimes I had help, and sometimes I had to figure things out on my own.


It took me years to develop my Rori Raye Tools after so much trial and error.

I then had to figure out the most effective way to teach these Tools to other women.

It’s taken me decades to build what started as a small coaching business into a wildly successful virtual business selling programs and eBooks.

But you already have an advantage I didn’t have.

You don’t have to figure ANY of this out from scratch or do it alone.

I’ve produced a program where you can join a community of savvy, enterprising women and learn everything you need to learn.

And the best part? I’ll personally mentor you every step of the way to help make your dream a reality.

You see… I loved being a love coach to women. But I retired from doing private, one-on-one love and relationship coaching years ago.

However, I continue to receive countless email requests from women all over the world seeking personal coaching in my Rori Raye Tools.

And even if I were still doing one-on-one coaching, I couldn’t possibly handle all the requests for my time. There are just too many!

That’s why I decided to create a program to teach my sought-after Tools to women interested in carrying on my legacy and to meet the demands of women all over the world.

This way, when I get these requests, I can also match women who need coaching to those who are available and ready to coach!

That’s how my mentorship training program got its start… 

Introducing The Rori Raye Coach Training Program…

The Rori Raye Coach Training Program is my signature coaching program that will provide you with all the skills, Tools and hands-on guidance you need to become a successful feminine energy coach in 6 months or less.

Even if you've never coached anyone before, you’ll be taught the proven, unique skills – the “Rori Raye Method™” of coaching – that have helped tens of thousands of women embody their feminine energy and become natural Sirens.

This coaching will give you the tools to help women attract, date and even marry incredible men – just like I’ve been helping women do for decades!

But it will also help women become more confident in all areas of their lives, cultivate self-love and get unstuck in their careers because you’ll be guiding them on how to live life from the feminine. 

Meaning you won’t just be a relationship coach.

You’ll be a Feminine Energy coach who is equipped to help women connect to their power, intuition, sensuality, wisdom and gifts – and in ALL areas of their lives.


You’ll get all the how-to’s and knowledge you need to start your own business and market yourself effectively, even if you have no business education and have never been self-employed.

*This component alone is INVALUABLE because you’ll have the know-how to be a successful entrepreneur no matter what the economic conditions.

And not only that… we’ll even help you build your website and set up a marketing strategy so you can start attracting clients! In fact, we won’t let you leave the training until you have these essential business tools set up!

You’ll also be able to work from home, anywhere in the world, on a schedule that works for you!

 In essence, The Rori Raye Coach Training Program is a Feminine Coaching business “in a box” – !

You’ll get all the coaching, skills, confidence and technical support you need to create a coaching business that’s successful, soulfully-satisfying and that feels like YOU. 

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Have Questions? 

Schedule Your Live Video Call with an RRCT Master Coach Teacher Today!

Chat Privately With Master Coach Teacher Naomie Thompson About Becoming "The Coach" you want to be under the "wing" of Rori Raye:

  • Is the Rori Raye Coach Training program a good fit for you and your needs?
  • Do you have the personality to be a successful coach?
  • What if you’re already a therapist or coach—how will this training expand your client base and income?
  • How have graduates of this program used this training to make a name for themselves as rockstar coaches to make six-figure incomes?

Get on a LIVE VIDEO CALL, discuss your goals and desires and determine if this program is a good fit! Simply fill in your information below, and we'll schedule a time. 

Who Is Rori Raye Coach Training For?

This one-of-a-kind training is for you if:

You’re already a coach, therapist or some kind of healer, and you’d like to enhance your skills so you can help women connect with their feminine energy to improve their lives (while becoming more sought-after… and making more money)

You’re ready (or desperate!) to leave your corporate job or unsatisfying career and create a business that you love – one that provides you with total financial and time freedom

You feel like you’re meant for more, and would love to help women just like you improve their love lives, gain greater self-confidence and live from their magnetic feminine energy

You’re ready and able to make an investment in your future happiness and business, and willing to be guided by me and my master coaches 

This training is NOT for you if:

❌You’re not interesting in coaching women on how to use their feminine energy to improve everything from their romantic relationships to their careers 

❌You’re not ready to become “unstuck” and step out of your comfort zone by starting your own business

❌You prefer working for someone else and having them decide your hours, pay and holidays 

❌You’re unable to make a financial investment right now (I get it – and would love to welcome you another time if we have space).

And Here’s What You’ll Get:

#1 - FIVE One-To-One Coaching Sessions With Me And WEEKLY Group Sessions With My Master Coaches (Value: $10,000)

This is a very RARE opportunity to get coached by me.

Plus, you’ll also get weekly coaching with my top master coaches who I’ve personally trained and who have since become superstar feminine energy coaches.

You’ll Get:

5 one-on-one 30-minute coaching sessions with me where I’ll personally give you feedback on your coaching skills, guidance on how to set up a business and create a brand, and so much more

UNLIMITED email access to me for an entire 6 months so you can ask me anything you need help with

WEEKLY 30-minute calls with my master coaches where you can practice and refine your coaching skills, build your confidence and overcome the most common challenges coaches experience

Recordings of ALL the coaching sessions so you can access them whenever you need

Step-by-step guidance on how to master the method no-one else is using, allowing you to distinguish yourself from other coaches

Creative role-playing and intuitive inquiry techniques to effectively guide clients to have powerful breakthroughs

The breakthrough tools to get to the heart of what your client really wants, feels and needs

 Access to 30 hours of training videos and audio instruction, plus a written manual on my “Rori Raye Method™” of love coaching

#2 - Over 200 of My Feminine Energy, Love & Relationship Tools, taught to you Step-By-Step over Video to use with your clients ($3,000 value)

Includes lifetime access to my complete playbook of tools, resources and coaching techniques so you have everything you need to become a skilled coach!
Includes lifetime access to my complete playbook of tools, resources and coaching techniques so you have everything you need to become a skilled coach!

You’ll Get:

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The most POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE love advice I know so you can help any woman with any relationship or feminine energy challenge

Over 45+ hours and 400 pages of advice so you can learn and master my Rori Raye Tools

Videos of me demonstrating 200+ of the Tools from all my programs and how to teach the Tool to a client, using the The Rori Raye Method™ of coaching

Full access to my Love Forever program, where I go in-depth into new Tools and discoveries on the psychology of “how to make him fall for you”

#3 - Digital Business & Marketing Success Secrets ($3,500 value)

Instead of hiring an expensive marketing agency to create your branding, build you a website, grow your email list and do all the other tech and admin essentials to get you out into the world, we’ll give you step-by-step guidance on how to do all of this yourself – saving you thousands!

You’ll Get:

RRCT Graphics

My guidance on how to identify your ideal client to match your unique skills to set your business up for success right from the get-go

Step-by-step, personalized mentorship in branding your business, including how to pick a niche, create a brand and how to distinguish yourself from other coaches

Guidance and technical support on how to create a website with ease using Squarespace or a platform you prefer (we’ll help you build it from scratch – and you won’t leave the training until it’s live!)

Tips on how to write compelling marketing copy, conduct live webinars and attract new clients

My best secrets on how to build an email list and create a lucrative marketing strategy so you can start attracting your ideal clients

My complete “how-to” on creating a customer email list of thousands even if you’re starting from zero

Tips how to promote yourself online in an organic way so clients who need you will come to you (no need for pushy sales or cold calls)

#4 - Confidence Building & Skill Mastery ($5,000 value)

Get what so few coaches have when starting out: the ability to practice your skills and get feedback from me and my master coaches… so you feel confident and ready to book clients.

You’ll Get:

The chance to regularly practice your coaching skills with fellow trainees (supervised by me) through experiential role play. I’ll personally observe, guide and offer feedback on your coaching style

Immediate feedback on your coaching skills so you can overcome the learning curve fast and become skilled within a matter of months

Skill mastery so you can coach clients before the training has even finished



#5 - Access To An Ongoing Pipeline Of Potential Clients Through Our Business Incubator And Coaching Lab ($4,000 value)

Get a head start on building your client list and start making money before you even graduate!

You’ll Get:

Access to a private online group (Siren Island) where you can practice your coaching skills (and maybe pick up new clients)

Access to Siren Circle, which is another online group where women are eager to learn and get advice on their love life… and also work with coaches like you to get unstuck

Promoted through my “Have the Relationship You Want” blog as I’ll publish any articles you write that promote your services  


Naomie Thompson

Naomie is the RRCT Director, and will be your head Master Coach Teacher, your BIZ structurer, your most compassionate supporter, the model you'll want to follow of how to become a tremendously popular, successful coach in any and all of the ways possible.

You'll learn from her, and you'll just want to hang around her, too! (You can find her as an influencer on Tik Tok - and discover why she's so popular.)

Rori is forever grateful and thrilled that Naomie feels so strongly about The Rori Raye Method™ of Coaching and so completely experiences teaching it to you as incredible fun, she's taken being the RRCT Director and lead Master Coach Teacher as a committed project of her own.

RRCT graduates often want to continue to work with Naomie for long after they graduate RRCT, and Rori is so happy to have her brilliance available to you every week for 22 weeks!

... you’ll want to know her  – she can do amazing things for you in an incredibly short amount of time. You’ll know from her accent that she’s British, and as a former member of the Corporate world, she has a real-world grasp of the vast difference between being in your masculine energy and being in your feminine energy while STILL “getting stuff done” that will bring everything about “being a girl” into crystal clarity for you.

She uses Rori Raye Tools in a truly fresh and “cinematic” way that will get you one "aha" moment after another.
*Certified Coach
*Master Coach Teacher
*2 Sessions/month

Michelle Manley

Michelle Manley is a super-star social media influencer, and she didn't get there by pushing, shoving, and overworking herself: She's one of the "softest" women you'll ever meet, totally in her Feminine Energy, which is the secret charm that got her where she is now - and she'll teach you how to do it, too.

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Natalina Love

There's no one who's deeper, more sensitive to her clients, more imaginative, inventive and - somehow, at the same time able to literally "run" a company" than Natalina Love.

Both a top coach, beloved by her clients everywhere, and the Director of Rori Raye Siren School, Natalina teaches her "Tool Time" to prepare you for coaching on Siren Island, in The Feminine Energy Workshop break-out-rooms, and as a referred-to coach in The Siren Circle Private Coaching Program...

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Mariah Grey

Mariah can do anything. She's a specialist in "Course Creation" and leads our GuruGenius program, and, at the same time, is both a highly-regarded spiritual channel, and a recognized expert in sexuality.

All of her gifts and interests will help you as a coach, both in putting together a digital program, and in helping you express your unique interests as a professional coach without ever feeling "niched".

Beth FEW

Beth Ellen

Beth Ellen is one of the most brilliant, most compassionate, skilled and terrifically popular coaches I've ever had the pleasure of knowing - and, with all of her skills, the most awesome, totally unique aspect Beth possesses as a coach is her incredible personal warmth.

You'll get to know her as she co-hosts The Feminine Energy Workshop each month - where you'll get to work with her as a break-out-room coach!

Lylian toscano

Lylian Toscano

Lylian's brilliant youtube and Instagram channels demonstrate exactly how you can be a powerful, effective, successful coach without ever falling into masculine energy.

Her energy and style is "playful" - and as she works with you in The Rori Raye Method™ of coaching in RRCT, you'll learn how to move from the "serious", stressful, masculine architype around "work" to the "playful", Feminine Energy way we do things at RRCT.


Rori Raye

Yes, I'm a trained relationship coach, a former crisis counselor, and through my eBook, programs and newsletter, I've helped hundreds of thousands of women succeed in love by teaching them the Tools I created and developed with my clients – Tools that work quickly and effortlessly to change a struggling love life and work life into Happy Ever After.

AND – my biggest credential is my personal story of saving my own marriage.

In 2013, I launched Rori Raye Coach Training/RRCT to make The Rori Raye Method™ of Coaching - the intuitive, artistic, theatrical and so effective coaching technique I'd created from my years of experience as an actress, director, writer, and actor's coach - available, forever, to women all over the world.

In addition to the personal notes you'll see here from RRCT graduates, the actual, amazing success of almost all RRCT graduates is testimony to how brilliant, effective, and needed The Rori Raye Method™  is, and how RRCT training itself lifts up both women who dream of having a successful career as a professional coach, and women all over the world who need help with love, romance, relationship, and a truly satisfying life.

… just imagine how much you’ll grow, learn and accomplish in 6 months with THIS much support? (Even if you’re a chronic procrastinator or feel overwhelmed easily – we’ve got you covered)

This Could Be YOU Soon…

Successful Love Coach Helena Hart Talks About Her Experience Since The Rori Raye Coach Training Program 

"This training has far exceeded all of my expectations. It was just the best thing I've ever been a part of... I would highly recommend this program to anyone who would like to have a very rewarding career" 


This Is The ONLY Way To Get Privately Coached By Me

And during our time together, you’ll get one-on-one sessions with me, along with email access to me ANYTIME… making this a very rare and exclusive opportunity.

Plus, the Rori Raye Method™ is something no-one else is using, allowing you to distinguish yourself from other relationship coaches.

And given that only graduates who’ve gone through this training before are trained in the Rori Raye Method, you’ll have a distinct advantage when marketing yourself… which is something I’ll teach you to do.

Here’s What Life Looks Like After The Rori Raye Coach Training Program:

In just a few months time, YOU could be:

💃🏻 Feeling so free, excited and absolutely in love with your life because you’re doing something that gives you purpose and fulfills your need to nurture and help others, while making a comfortable income 

💃🏻Helping women who are going through painful and confusing times in their relationships, or who have yearned for years to fall in love and get married

💃🏻Confident in your skills as a coach because you’ve practiced your coaching skills with me, the master coaches AND in my private coaching online communities (where you might have even picked up new clients!)

💃🏻Spending your precious time and energy on something that feels more aligned with who you are, what you care about, and what comes to naturally to you, which creates a sense of ease and deep fulfillment in your heart and soul 

💃🏻Working from home, setting your own hours, and only working with people you want to work with (while feeling so relieved you finally made this dream come true!)

Now, take a minute to really imagine how all this would FEEL.

Can you feel an expansion at your very core? 

Well, this could be YOU in just a few short months when you become a Feminine Energy coach personally trained and mentored by me – Rori Raye.

Your Investment? 

So, you’re probably wondering, “How much does this all cost?”

As mentioned, I “retired” my 1:1 coaching services sometime ago.

But when I did still offer private sessions, I’d charged $1997/hour.

I know… not cheap.
But given my decades of experience, during these intimate coaching sessions, I could give the women I worked with something they had struggled for years (or even decades) to achieve: a real transformation.

And during our 5 sessions together, I’ll be helping you do the same with your coaching business.

I’ll be sharing my BEST skills and personally coaching you on how to be an extraordinary feminine energy coach and create a business that feels soulfully-aligned.

… and here’s a reminder of everything else you’ll get:

♥ FIVE Coaching Sessions With Me And WEEKLY Group Sessions With My Master Coaches (Value: $10,000)

♥ ALL Of My Feminine Energy, Love & Relationship Tools ($3,000 value)

♥ Digital Business & Marketing Success Secrets ($3,500 value)

♥ Confidence Building & Skill Mastery ($5,000 value)

♥ Access To An Ongoing Pipeline Of Potential Clients ($4,000 value)

Given all the coaching, marketing, tech & business support and client opportunities, this program is valued at $25,500. But you’ll pay just $9997. 

(And yes, payment plans are available! 👇) 

Total Value: $25,500
Investment today: $9997

Love Notes From Previous Graduates…

What If Your Life Isn’t Where You’d Like It To Be Right Now?

You may be thinking to yourself:

“What if I’m still figuring things out for myself?

Can I still coach other women on improving their lives if mine isn’t exactly where I’d like it to be?”

The answer is: You certainly CAN!

Working through your own heartbreak and struggles can actually be an asset to you as a coach. 


Because you’ll be able to fully empathize with your clients. 

You've been in their shoes and have seen the struggle from their side.

It also makes you very “relatable.” Your vulnerability is an asset as a coach. 

You know what it’s like to want SO MUCH and to be disappointed again and again.

You’ve learned the skills and Tools and can use that knowledge to help other women suffer less and get more of what they want and need, too.


The best way to master a skill is to teach it to others.

As you coach others, you’ll learn about yourself: what your strengths are, what you need to work on, and what will ultimately bring you the love and life you deserve.

So your career will not only be a service to others, it will be a service to yourself in that it will help you grow and develop into the wise, heart-centered, confident woman you want to be.

Or maybe you’ve got other concerns, such as:

“I'm a terrible salesperson... how would I ever find clients?”

“I’ve never coached another person before...what if I’m terrible at it?”

“Why would women want to open up to me, anyway?”

“I don't know the first thing about starting a business like this!”

Listen, everyone has these same, common fears and hesitations when thinking about being a coach, and starting any business, really.

It's easy to feel overwhelmed, to give up and go back to your “regular” life.

But women exactly like you are doing this EVERYDAY! 

Which means you can, too. 

They’re not anymore special, gifted or unique – they just took a chance and created a bigger vision for their future.

And I’ll help you do the same when you enroll in the Rori Raye Coach Training.

What If I Change My Mind… Are There Any Guarantees?

I get that being grounded in your feminine essence also means that you’re in a state of flow.

You’re in tune with your emotions and that means that what can feel like a great idea one moment can bring on doubt the next.

It’s part of the feminine nature.

But unfortunately, when it comes to building a successful coaching business, this doesn’t work!

Which is why I only want women who are 100% committed to their success to join The Rori Raye Coach Training Program – so I’m unable to give you a money-back guarantee if you change your mind.

I wholeheartedly believe in this program and many graduates who have gone through it have become rockstar coaches with 6-figure incomes and thousands of followers!

And while I can’t promise you the same, I can tell you this:

I’m confident that if you go through all the modules, attend the 1:1 coaching sessions with me and my coaches, and practice your coaching skills, it’s going to be almost impossible for you to fail…

… even if you’ve procrastinated in the past, or you get easily overwhelmed by needing to do “all the things” – because this program will guide you step-by-step and help you get unstuck and finally create a business that lights you up from the inside out.

However, if you’re still on the fence about joining, I encourage you to email XXXX to book a FREE call with master coach Naomie Thompson so you can talk through any doubts and make an informed decision about whether this is the right fit for you.

Why You Need To Say “Yes!” Right Now (Hint: Spots Are VERY Limited And The Price Is Going Up Soon!)

I know this is a big decision – only you can decide whether taking this life-changing leap of faith into this new and exciting chapter is right for you.

But, there are two things I should tell you:

1. The price is going up soon!

Sometime in 2024, I’ll unfortunately be increasing the price of this life-changing program. 

So this could be your LAST CHANCE to get your coaching business up and running at the current price.

2. Seats are very, very limited for this training


I’m 100% dedicated to the success of every woman who enrolls in this training.


So to keep it intimate and give everyone personal support, I only accept 20 women into the program each year – meaning spots are extremely limited.

Life Could Stay The Same… Or It Could Look Like THIS:

So what’s it going to be?

Are you ready to live 100% as your siren, soulful self by taking the next step in our journey together and creating a business as a feminine energy coach?

This one-of-a-kind training is an opportunity for you to make a massive impact in the lives of others while creating a business that feels fun, easy, in alignment and comfortable… while being your own boss and making a good income.

The way I see it, there are two scenarios from this moment on:

Option 1: You Create Your Dream Business In 6 Months Or Less

By saying “yes!” to your future happiness and success, you could be coaching clients, doing business on your own terms, setting your own rates and helping other women experience powerful transformations in just 6 months or less.

Just imagine for a second how proud, confident and happy you’ll be having made this step?
No longer will you “envy scroll” through Instagram seeing all those other coaches living the life you’ve been dreaming of because you’ll be on your way to doing the same!

Option 2: You Stay The Same (Aka Stuck And Unfulfilled)

You stay stuck in your corporate job that has you sitting in a cubicle from 9-5 and stuffing your feminine side down because it’s not valued in the traditional workplace.

Or, if you already have your own business, you continue to be blocked, lack direction, suffer from indecision, procrastination, imposter syndrome, have a fear of tech, and all the other things that are keeping you stuck, broke or unsuccessful? 

As the saying goes, nothing changes unless you do.

You’re Just One Step Away From Creating Your Exciting Business As A Feminine Energy Coach!

As the new year is fast approaching, this is a fantastic opportunity to start 2024 with an exciting new direction and CLARITY.  

What’s more: me and my rockstar coaches will be by your side so you don’t need to do it all alone. 

You’ll have community, accountability and support every step of the way (especially when you doubt yourself or Little Miss Imposter Syndrome rocks up… we know exactly how to deal with her!).

You’ll have what so few coaches have when they start out: a dedicated team of mentors and successful coaches guiding them to the path of success (and away from all the mistakes they made when starting out!).


So within 6 months or less, you can be booking clients, feel confident in your coaching skills, have all the business systems (including your website) set up, and a proven strategy for your business.

And more importantly: you’ll be doing something that you love and helping women all over the world connect to the feminine energy and find the love they were meant for.

I can tell you that after decades working as a coach myself, it can be one of the most rewarding and gratifying things you can do with your life. 


And if this sounds like something you’d also like to be a part of, and you’d like to become a successful feminine energy coach teaching the The Rori Raye Method™… and without all the burnout, overwhelm and indecision so many coaches struggles with, secure your place now before it sells out in 2024.

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I Know This Is A Big Decision - So If You Have Questions:

Schedule Your Feminine Energy (this means easy, light, fun and non-pressure...) Zoom call with Naomie Thompson...