I look forward to meeting you, working with you, and setting you out on your new Modern Siren path...

To make the most out of our session together:

* Please be on a device (phone, tablet, computer) that will access our Zoom call.

You may have to download the Zoom "app" - and that will take about 10 well-worth-it seconds.

Melanie, my assistant, will send you an "invitation" to our Zoom session by the day beforehand, and I'll also send you a reminder when I get to the screen at our appointed time.

*Please do not be driving - pulled over at the side of the road is fine.

We're going to go through important emotional stuff, and I want you to feel safe, private and shielded from noise and distractions.

*I will be recording the call for you, and send the video link to you to download.

Love to you!  Rori