Welcome To Rori Raye Relationship Coach Training

0608263003-copyI’m so glad to have you in RRRCT – Module #1 – The Rori Raye Fundamentals –  and to teach and mentor you as a successful relationship coach – with my full blessings, recommendations, and referrals!

 Here’s How RRRCT – The Fundamentals – Will Work:

1. The Materials:

Because this is such a specialized program – Melanie (RRRCT Administrator – [email protected]), will manually set you up with a personal account on the RRRCT system to manage access to all your Training materials.

***You’ll be immediately and personally emailed your new login user name and password for the system.

You’ll get, by email, a link to your own “Page” on the system, with your personal login user name and password – from which you’ll be able to access:

  • RRRCT videos
  • RRRCT  mp3s
  • RRRCT Manual in digital form
  • Class recordings
  • Ongoing information, bonuses, extras, notes, notices
  • Class conference lines and passwords
  • Class Roster
  • Your Pod conference numbers and information
  • Contact info so you can reach Melanie, the RRRCT Administrator
  • Scheduling Page – here, you can schedule your one-on-one clinic hours with RRRCT Master Coach Teachers.
  • Everything else you’ll need

The Manual will explain how to go through the materials week-by-week – or as quickly as you like. The Curriculum will lay out what each of the 20-weeks of Training will focus on, and give you that week’s homework and assignments.

2. The Buddy “Pod”

By the first week, you’ll be placed into a “pod” of three students to do “Pod Assignments” with each week of class that will help you practice that week’s concepts, Tools and Elements. The first week, the “Pod Assignment” will help you get to know one another, and practice the crucial first Elements of Rori Raye Coaching.

You’ll have free access to www.freeconferencecalling.com and www.freeconferencecall.com (preferable for Pods calling in from outside the U.S.) through your Pod’s user name and password (you will be emailed that info, and the links and info will also be on your personal system page).

You’ll be able to simply dial in with your login info to connect with your Pod members, record the calls, and listen to the recordings.

3. The Training Structure

**Information & Materials Page:

You’ll have your personal “Page” on the RRRCT system that will give you instant access to any of the materials you want to listen to, watch, or download to any device you have. The information you need to conduct pod calls, record them, and contact the Administrator will all be on that page for you. If you have any difficulties at all accessing anything – we’ll take care of you ASAP – all you have to do is email Melanie – [email protected].

**Live Classes:

I’ll be teaching class by teleconference on Mondays – 11am to 1pm PDT, and then again at 5:30pm to 7:30pm PDT. Depending on where you are in the world – you’ll be able to pick your best class time.

During class – I’ll be doing live demonstrations with RRRCTers who are present on the calls (rotating demonstrators every week so you’ll get a chance to work and practice with me often), to teach that week’s concepts and Tools.

Then, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays (schedule to-be-announced) – you’ll be practicing, live on teleclass, ONE HOUR each week with one of my five Master Coach Teachers in teleseminar “Clinics.”

Here are your Master Coach Teachers:

Helena Hart – http://www.HelenaHartCoaching.com

Carrie Stanfield – http://www.CarrieStanfieldCoaching.com

Leigha Baker – http://www.LeighaBaker.com

Valarie O’Ryan – http://www.coachvalarieoryan.com/

Dominique – http://www.sexandheart.com

I will be monitoring, listening to, and showing up unannounced often at the Clinics to make sure you’re getting the practice you need each week to master that week’s concepts, Tools and Elements.

**One-On-One Scheduling:

From your personal RRRCT page, you will be linked to a scheduling page to pick your one hour each week for Clinic practice. This way, you only have to commit to being at a class live for one hour, during your scheduled time. The Clinics (and Classes with me) will all be recorded, so you can listen to the recordings whenever is most convenient, through the Recordings page.

You may attend and listen to ALL Classes with me, and ALL Clinics. You’ll  be working and practicing live in Clinics only during your scheduled days and times. I will personally keep track of your practice times with me in Class demonstrations on Mondays.

If you have questions or need help with scheduling, Melanie will be there for you.

**Training Duration: Seven weeks in Module #1 – Rori Raye Fundamentals – and then you’ll be ready to move to Module #2 – Building Your Biz! If you’re starting The Fundamentals on January 19th, class will end the week of March 2nd.

**Technology Requirements:

Skype! It’s difficult to be a coach now without Skype, because your clients will be living all over the globe – just as the students in RRRCT are! You’ll want to see most of your clients, and they’ll want to see you – and even if the connection is phone only, without video – this is the inexpensive way most clients will prefer to work with you.

The teleseminar system accepts Skype very well – and just in case your phone and/or internet connection may not be all you’d like it to be, I encourage you to try it out any way you can before class starts.

Melanie and I will be here for you if technical difficulties arise for you. No matter what, I will not let you slide or get less attention from me because of tech problems – we’ll work them out.

Love, Rori