Welcome To RRRCT – Advanced Coaching – Become A Rori Raye Trained Coach


RRRCT – Advanced Coaching works through the Coach Rori “System” where you’ll login with your user name and password, then see links to each week’s materials (videos, audios, written materials and notes, reference recordings from RRRCT 2013 and each week’s class and clinic recordings) on your Personal Coach Rori Page.

We will be officially enrolling you right now, and emailing you your login information ASAP.

When you get your Username and Password (they’ll be generated by the system) – just login here!:


Please let us know if you have any difficulty accessing your Personal Page or any materials at [email protected].

Also feel free to write to me personally (I’ll be giving you my personal email address on the first day of class) – as the entire RRRCT course IS personal.

I and the Master Coach Teachers will be personally working with you each week, so that we can support you however you want and need.

We will also be creating a Business Siren “Sisterhood” – where you can begin learning how to do “Joint Ventures” and affiliate marketing with each other – and create a supportive “Business Siren Diva Mastermind.”

When you first get access to the materials – start with the Welcome page – and download everything you see there…

Look for your login email, and I’m so excited to have you aboard!

Love, Rori