I'm so glad to have you in RRCT !

We begin with:

Module #1 - The Rori Raye Fundamentals.

I look forward to teaching and mentoring you as a successful relationship coach - with a full business model that suits you perfectly. You'll always have my full blessings and recommendations.

 Here's How RRCT - The Fundamentals - Will Work:

Login to the Coach Rori system:

Within 30 minutes of signing up, you should receive an email (please look for it in your spam box and then "whitelist" us if you don't see it right away...)

The email will have the link to your CoachRori "login" page, on the "membership site: members.coachrori.com with your new login user name and password for the system.

Once you login, you'll be taken to your "Personal Page" where all your program links show up.  You'll see "RRRCT Fundamentals" there.

When you click on that link, you'll be taken to your Fundamentals "Home Page" - where everything lives! You'll see 3 Steps to follow to get started quickly, and then, you'll see links to each Week's page with its Lesson Plan and links to Materials.

1.Discover the Materials you now own:

(Yes, the different RRCT and RRRCT labels are confusing - we dropped an "R" a year ago in public promotions, and, yet, we need to keep the "file names" as they are so you can find everything!):

  • RRRCT videos
  • RRRCT  mp3s
  • RRRCT Manual in digital form
  • Weeks 1-7 of Fundamentals pages, each with instructions,  materials, links and notes
  • Class recordings on RRRCT 2019 dropbox and Tutorials
  • Ongoing information, bonuses, extras, notes, notices
  • Class Zoom call info links
  • Everything else you'll need

There are a LOT of pages filled with a lot of material on each page! It can be confusing and overwhelming - so I'd like you to start SLOW!


There are lots and lots of links on the Home Page that link to other pages - Feel free to explore - but here's the most effective order to go in:

1. Go to: "Welcome To The Fundamentals" Page. There's an intense amount of things available to you there. For now: -

A. Download and print out the "6 Coaching Elements Bubble Chart." Make sure you print it so you can read it, or put it on your phone so you can make it large enough to read and refer to constantly.

B. Download the Fundamentals Manual - and read just the INTRODUCTION and Principles - it will help you get the overview of how this method of coaching will work as you go along....

2. Go to the Fundamentals 2019 Recordings page.  Begin watching and listening to the Monday and Thursday videos. This is where Master Coach Teachers and I have taught, demonstrated, and worked with each student - and you'll experience how you'll work together on your private calls...

3. To keep you straight as you listen to the recordings - go to each Week's page. You'll see it simply laid out - what we'll be working on each week, what the Assignment and  "Pod" assignments are for you each week (the Pod assignments are helpful to get you and a "buddy" started coaching each other outside of class)..

4. Follow instructions on each Week's page, and stay in touch with me and the Master Coach Teachers by email! This way, we can keep you from any stress or confusion, map out directions that are specific for YOU, even open up BIZ for you early and give you any additional assignments I feel would help you get clarity and move you along at the speed you want to go.

...so excited to see what you'll do!

Love, Rori

The Manual will explain how to go through the materials week-by-week - or as quickly as you like. The Curriculum will lay out what each of the 22-weeks of Training will focus on, and give you that week's homework and assignments.

2. Live Class Structure

1. You'll begin with an "Onboarding Introduction Session with a Master Coach Teacher - at the most convenient Master Coach Teacher Session for you!

Naomie Thompson has regular sessions on Mondays, Mariah on Wednesdays, and Michelle on Thursdays.

When Naomie, the RRCT Director, reaches out to you by email, she'll list all the available times of regular scheduled classes, and will find ways to accomodate you no matter what!

2. After your "Introductory" Session, you'll keep going with the Master Coach Teachers each week, and Naomie will assist you in scheduling your 5 sessions with Rori. In between your sessions wth Rori, she'll be available to you by email nearly 24/7, and please don't hesitate to write Rori with questions, or help with your assignments.

Naomie Thompson will regularly send reminders with the times and video Zoom links for classes each week.

If you've listened to any 2019 recordings, you won't be surprised - you may even be prepared - YET, we know from experience that listening to others and doing it yourself with Rori, Michelle, Naomie, Mariah, Lylian and Natalina in your "Siren Tool Hour" is completely different.  It might feel very scary and you may feel nervous and on the spot.

We know about this, we expect it, and it will go away around Week 4!

You'll get 15 minutes of one-on-one time with the Master Coach Teacher twice per week, 1/2 hour per week.  You can spread that over two classes (and attend ALL classes if you like!) or work for 1/2 hour just once per week. If you miss a Week, don't worry, we'll track you down and find a way to make-it-up for you!

***Video recordings of class sessions will be loaded to the RRCT Fundamentals Recordings on Dropbox, and Siren School Director Natalina Love will be making those available for you.

Also - you will have the opportunity to record any class on your own computer!

If you have questions or need help with scheduling, Melanie will be there for you at [email protected], and Rori will be personally answering emails from you throughout your 22 weeks!.

**Technology Requirements:

Zoom! It's difficult to be a coach now without video access to you, because your clients will be living all over the globe - just as the students in RRCT are! You'll want to see most of your clients, and they'll want to see you - and even if the connection is phone only, without video - this is the inexpensive way most clients will prefer to work with you.

Melanie and I will be here for you if technical difficulties arise for you. No matter what, I will not let you slide or get less attention from me because of tech problems - we'll work them out.

Love, Rori