Welcome To The Business Siren Containerizing Workshop!


Your links to the live Zoom session and materials are below - and also on their way to you by email.  (You'll also get email reminders, and the links to the video and audio recordings by email!)

Hi! So happy to be working with you on Sunday at 12 noon US Central time, 10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern, early evening Europe, middle-of-the-night Australia!

In addition to the live experience - you'll have the full video, audio and chat screen recordings to reference whenever you want, Plus the "Gathering Chaos Containerizing Elements" manual to download through the links below. (If you can't make it live  - you'll not only have the written "Manual" and video, audio and chat screen recordings- you'll be able to email me to get your questions answered around your own, unique situation, just as if you were there with me live!).

1. Your Materials:

Here's the link to the "Boss Babe Quick Manual" ->

And to the 10 Business Siren Paths Manual->

2. Your Zoom Link To The Live Business Siren Containerizing Workshop:


I so look forward to working with you, and to helping you truly get everything you want from your Feminine Energy.

Love, Rori

And I wanted to let you know about The SirenNest!