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And in these few minutes before you download my husband Jeffrey Mark Levine's How To Talk To A Man ebook, I wanted to let you know about The How To Talk To A Man Masterclass video program:

The How To Talk To A Man Masterclass!


Rori Raye and (her husband!) Jeffrey Mark Levine

A Note From Rori:

Though the How To Talk To A Man Masterclass is now over (it was on January 17th) - you can still sign up and get all the official materials and video replays (with some great bonuses included!) - PLUS, you'll be able to get the questions you would have asked during the live Masterclass answered personally by Jeffrey Mark Levine over email!

rori and jeffrey

Hi, this is Rori Raye, and If you're in a marriage, committed relationship or dating situation that's not feeling the way you want it to feel...

♥ Learn how to talk to a man - and teach him how to talk to you...

♥ Watch as he falls deeper for you, and suddenly WANTS to become a better man for you...

♥ Learn how he thinks, what he feels, why and how he chose you (and what will make him want to choose you every day of the rest of his life), what makes him want to think about your needs (instead of "checking-out"),  how to teach him to be a great life partner for you (and inspire him to WANT to be a great life-partner!) - and how it all comes down to a decision about what you deserve...

And hear it all from a man - my husband, Executive Coach Jeffrey Mark Levine...

Join Jeffrey and I for 2 video hours of straightforward scripting, solutions and insights into how to fully express yourself to a man so you can fix what's going wrong - and get what you want  - Plus:

*Get amazing bonus materials and worksheets to help with your unique situation

Here's What You'll get:

*Video: The 2 hour + How To Talk To A Man Masterclass video and audio recordings

*Written Materials:

*The "How To Talk To A Man" Workbook -


* Personal Attention: The ability to have your own, specific, personal relationship situation addressed, and your questions answered by Rori Raye and Jeffrey Mark Levine, personally and privately by email!

Just purchase here:

How can you possibly...

...fix what's going wrong when:

*He's sullen, withdrawn, angry, gone missing emotionally, and slacking on his "duties" as a husband and parent...

*Everything feels too "touchy" to even talk about...

*You aren't getting your needs met, and he doesn't seem to notice or care...

*You suspect foul play...

*Instead of being concerned with your feelings, he's consumed by his own,

*Instead of being the partner you want and need, he feels more like "a piece of work..."?

*You feel more distance between you than closeness, and have no idea how to bridge the gap...?

You can.


In the Masterclass - Jeffrey and I solve situations!

We teach you how to permanently end arguments, tensions, "discussions," outright fights, and give you the words you need to ask for what you want - no matter what state or situation your relationship is in right now...

Love, Rori and Jeffrey