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In a few minutes, you'll be receiving your Masterclass login codes by email - and I'd love you to know a bit about Jeffrey Mark Levine, in case you've never met him!

The whole idea of having a man as a coach to help you understand men in general - or a man you're with in particular - is a huge advantage.

Though Jeffrey is an executive coach, a Non-Violent communication expert, a Conscious Communication expert, a parenting expert - often working with men in all kinds of situations (work and personal), partners in a business gone wrong, and women stuck in difficult work environments - he'd never before thought of himself as a "love and relationship" coach until I "conscripted" him for these Masterclasses.

He wanted to title it all kinds of academic ways - Improving Marriage, etc. - but I knew what he does as a coach is way beyond that - and the way he behaves as a man with me is way beyond the ways most men show up.

I also knew he gives me at least half the credit for the daily and yearly success of our marriage - without knowing ANYTHING about "The Modern Siren" Tools or the Rori Raye Method.

So don't even bother to ask him.

rori and jeffrey

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